Monday, May 24, 2010

[101 in 1001]

In the C household weve had a busy and productive weekend.  We planted hostas, caladium, and some impatiens in our front yard flower bed.  We grilled out and visited with family.  I helped my hubby start his next batch of homemade brew- a blackberry wheat beer!  We attended a baby shower and had swimming lessons.  AND, I got another few rows of my crochet blanket completed.  Phew!

I am loving my new crochet hobby. 

All of these accomplishments get me thinking about everything I want to do and then I came across this [101 in 1001] project on my friend Kaleys blog Originally from Day Zero Project, it is a challenge to create a list of 101 things you would like to check off of your list in 1001 days.  So Ive set out to come up with 101 things to accomplish.  Id like to come up with a list that includes things my husband and I would like to accomplish as a family AND individually.  What an awesome project.  I cant wait to put our list together.  Id like to encourage each of you to take this challenge.  Take pictures, blog about it, and hopefully you may do some things you wouldnt have had the motivation to do otherwise.  Ill be posting my list as soon as I finish it!

Good luck!


  1. i'm SO glad you are doing this too! we can encourage each other :) it's funny .. when i first started it, i thought it would take me foreverrrr to come up with that many things but once i got going - they started flowing. even now, i'm thinking of things i want to add and change around in mine, but i don't know that i will. i figure i can accomplish this one and then start a new one with an entirely new set of goals! :)

    ohhhh and where do you get jeff's beer 'refil' things at? adam has the mr. brew thingy and we made the one batch that came w/ it - years ago - but haven't gotten anymore to make. do you know of a store around our way or is it online only?

  2. That's what he has- a Mr.Brew! He buys them online. I'll find out for you.

  3. hi! good luck with your 101 project. I'm a new follower and came over from baby center. I have lots of tips for new bloggers (label - blogging 101) and giveaways.


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