Monday, May 17, 2010

Cupcakes and Coffee

What a wonderful weekend Ive had.  Really its been great.  I had my Shutterfly photo book party in Saturday night so I spent Friday evening getting ready for that.  After Dominic went to bed I baked a batch of strawberry cupcakes that had my whole house smelling delicious, then I finished uploading pictures that Ive taken the last few weeks.  I had some really cute ones I took of D at the softball field one night my husband played a pickup game.  OH how I love outside pictures!  That could be one of my favorite parts of the weather growing nicer- the fabulous lighting we get when were spending so much time outdoors. 
The party on Saturday was a success.  I had a great time and I think the rest of the ladies did too.  For most of us there with children it was a chance to get out alone and have some much needed girl talk.  No to toot my own horn, but the cupcakes I made looked and tasted professional!  I may be on to something here.  Not to mention that they were about a million times easier to make than the birthday cake I slaved over (twice if you know the story) back in December.  Ughhh the horror.  I swore up and down I would never, I repeat NEVER, take that on again.  Now Im thinking maybe Ill just do cupcakes instead!  It is possible that my memory of the disastrous 24 hours leading up to my sweet sweet childs first birthday party has somewhat faded.  Enough about cake..

Sunday we had swimming lessons with the Poags.  Our instructor is clueless but the boys have a blast splashing around in the water and thats all that matters.  After swim lessons I thought it might be nice to stay out of the house a little while longer so that my hubby could sleep in a quiet house.  It was a beautiful day and I had a hankerin for some coffee.  Dominic and I headed on over to Starbucks where I had a Grande Iced café Americano and he had an organic vanilla milk and shortbread cookie.  It was so nice.  We sat outside just him and I, enjoying our treat. 

On to the highlight of my Sunday- hubby got a wild hair and decided he was making us chicken parmesan for dinner.. yum.  Chicken, angel hair pasta, marinara, and cheese, oh my!  Not only do I love pasta night, Dominic shovels in spaghetti like no other kind of food.  That in itself makes my night.  Then my full boy had a nice bath and went to sleep after only drinking 2oz of his bottle- and slept all night.  This.  This is what happens when he eats.  I am so happy because days like this are becoming more common and his days of near-fasting are becoming scarce.  Yay :)
I rounded out my weekend by finishing my Shutterfly order.  A photo book and 15 photo greeting cards for just over $2.  I saved nearly $70!  After my order went through I was given a code for $5 off my next order so did I just make $3?? 


  1. perfect weekend <3
    it was the same for us as well ... couldn't have been better!
    i'm so glad dominic loves his sketti - it's also kullens favorite. we should have sketti night w/ the hub and boys soon :)

  2. Yes! Definitely :)

    Oh- and as you can see I can't figure out my pictures.. help!


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