Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#1- Day Zero Project

Today is Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 and the last day of my Day Zero Project falls on Tuesday, February 26th 2013

This little project took me longer than I anticipated.  The first half came easy and from that point on I really had to think to come up with each item.  So here are my 101 things in 1001 days, in no particular order.  I figured Id start myself off with an easy win!  Also, Ill keep a running tally of my list here on my blog. 

Drum roll please.

1. Think of 101 things to do in 1001 days, Day Zero Project!

2. Drink our own home-brewed beer

3. Go on a vacation with just Jeff, myself, and our child(ren)

4. Have another baby

5. Watch Fireproof (movie)

6. Take Dominic to play in Central Park

7. Recycle Regularly

8. Have Dominic paint a picture and hang it somewhere in our home

9. Go apple picking in New England in the fall

10. Wear matching Halloween costumes

11. Fly a kite on the beach

12. Read 1 book per month, for 6 months

13. Make dinner at home every day for 1 month

14. Make a photo book of Dominic’s 2nd year of life

15. Make a photo book of Dominic’s 3rd year of life

16. Go sledding

17. Take Dominic to a children’s theater

18. Snorkel

19. Teach Dominic to write his name

20. Go without TV for 1 month

21. Make my own ring sling baby carrier

22. Watch a sunrise

23. Plant a vegetable garden

24. Complete a 5k

25. Open my family store online and sell first item

26. Reach 20 followers on my blog

27. Learn to play a song on the piano

28. Finish installing new kitchen cabinets

29. Make myself a bracelet and necklace set

30. Build a sandcastle

31. Donate clothing to the Salvation Army

32. Donate a bag of dog food and towels to the Humane Society for Christmas (from Libby)

33. Go without drinking soda for 2 months

34. Clip $15 worth of coupons and use them in one shopping trip

35. Visit a water park

36. Take Dominic to see his first movie in a theater

37. Make my own candle

38. Go on a “date” with my husband- dinner AND a movie

39. Bake homemade doggy treats for Libby

40. Turn 10-15 family recipes into a photo book with Shutterfly

41. Plant a tree

42. Attend story time at our local library

43. Build a birdhouse

44. Feed ducks

45. Try a new restaurant

46. Let Dominic pick a toy to donate to “Toys for Tots”

47. Visit the DC Zoo

48. Visit the Baltimore Aquarium

49. Make one week’s worth of meals and freeze them

50. Get our wedding rings engraved

51. Get family stickers for my car

52. Keep Dominic rear facing in his car seat until at least his second birthday

53. Gift a baby carrier to friend

54. Host Thanksgiving dinner

55. Have a picnic

56. Build a snowman

57. Go grocery shopping using all reusable bags

58. Go bowling

59. Finish a jigsaw puzzle

60. Organize important files

61. Go mini-golfing

62. Tour the White House

63. Make Rice Crispy treats

64. Pay off credit cards

65. Finish installing new baseboards in our home

66. Paint hallways

67. Landscape the backyard

68. Replace siding on the left side of the house

69. Go to a comedy show

70. Learn to golf

71. Finish a crochet blanket

72. Go ice skating

73. See an IMAX movie

74. Visit a museum

75. Buy something from Etsy

76. Make ice cream from scratch

77. Go on a cruise

78. Write a children’s book starring Dominic

79. Spend an entire weekend at home

80. Get a massage

81. Preserve fall leaves between wax paper

82. Develop a better skincare routine

83. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

84. Try almond milk

85. Go grocery shopping at Trader Joes

86. Paint a rock to put in the garden

87. Have a giveaway on my blog

88. Go on a hayride

89. Pick strawberries

90. Take yoga classes

91. Get up at 4am to go Black Friday shopping

92. Make Christmas ornaments

93. Finish a crossword puzzle with no help

94. Subscribe to a new magazine

95. Make cupcakes for a party

96. Roast marshmallows

97. Tailgate before a sporting event

98. Enter a football pool

99. Ride a jet ski

100. Inspire someone else to make a Day Zero list

101. Put away $10 for each item completed


  1. This is such a great idea...I will have to start thinking of things! Love your blog..I think I need to work on mine some more..seeing I just started it. I am not sure how to do all the fancy decorations. Advice?

  2. I just started myself! I found my blog template at :)

  3. i love your list! :D we should do some of them together - like make a bird house (i think that one is on mine) - it'd be fun to do w/ the boys! and although it's not on my list, i want to make my own candles too!! :D i'm glad you're doing the day zero - it will be encouraging to have a 'partner' :)

  4. definitely!!! We can keep each other motivated :)

  5. I really love this Day zero makes me want to make a list too :)

  6. Do it!! Then you can be my #100 ;) hehe


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