Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adventures in Hi-Cal Cooking

So, some of you are aware of Dominic's food aversion and also our constant struggle to keep weight on him.  We have made great improvement from six months ago but still have our work cut out for us.  He's 18 months old now and weighs exactly 20 lbs.  Considering how slowly he gains, the weight isn't horrible.  The troubling thing is that he's actually lost a few ounces in just over a month.  It's extremely frustrating.  He was already hanging by a thread to the bottom of the growth curve.  Anyway, we have been trying ways to up his calorie content for some time now.  He drinks some pediasure (he's not crazy about it), we offer him higher calorie foods whenever he wants them.  But, the problem is he eats such little amounts that even though he lives on mostly carbs, he isn't getting the amout of calories required for his age.  So, our relaxed approach to high calorie foods isn't cutting it.  Our normally passive pediatrician made it clear that right now our main focus needs to be on packing as many calories into each bite he takes as we can.  He referred us to a nutritionist and also mentioned that he will have to be tested for anemia.  So that's the back story... on to the excitement.

I made what was obviously a mistake by posting a comment about searching for ways to add calories to his food on facebook.  Most of our friends see our challenges all the time and are overwhelmingly supportive, offering ideas and even sharing what has helped their low-weight child.  However, one person blasted my status with insensitve and downright ignorant comments, going as far to say that I am setting my child up for diabetes and cardiovascular illness.  He even called my support of extended rear facing (ERF) into play by saying that I needed to put more thought into my child's internal well-being instead of worrying about keeping him rear-facing "until he's like 10 years old".  Reality check, he's a year and a half.  The most troubling thing about this situation is that this person is actually a father.  A father who has no clue what we deal with meal to meal is now judging me for doing what I need to do to keep my child healthy and growing.  It really is amazing.

Just for fun I've decided to set the record straight about what "adding calories and fat" to an underweight child's diet really means.  It's not about taking them to the oreo cookie and pork rind buffet, you jackass.

Dominic likes pizza.  He doesn't eat meat, of any kind.  So here is a high calorie, hidden meat pizza recipe I found:


Step 1, Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Roll out prepared pizza crust (I used a Pillsbury premade one) onto a cookie sheet lined with foil and sprayed with cooking spray

Step 2, drizzle crust with extra virgin olive oil, bake for 5 minutes

Step 3, Sauce.  Pour about 1/3 cup of pre-made (hey, I didn't say I was a chef) pizza sauce into a small bowl.  Empy contents of one small jar of baby pureed turkey into the bowl, mix well.  Add 1 tbsp of heavy cream to mixture, mix well.

Step 4, Spread sauce on prebaked pizza, then top with cheese of your choice.

Step 5, Bake for an additional 5 or so minutes on 450.

Step 6, Enjoy!

So you see, I have taken an already toddler-appropriate food and added healthy calories and fat by way of Olive Oil and cream, and also have hidden meat for protein which he would not have eaten otherwise.  If this offends you, please look away ;)


  1. Ha ha! Most awesome. You tell him. You're doing a great job Jessi.

  2. This was an awesome recipe! Your a great mom and doing all the right things for your son! & like you said the ones that know you and what you have to go through to do what you need to do for Dominic completely understand! I hope Dominic liked it!

    & Jon even read your post and laughed at your "jackass" comment lol!

  3. you know what they say jessi, opinions are like assholes ;) & for the record, i think you are a WONDERFUL mother and you are an inspiration to me in more than one aspect of motherhood!
    anyway - love the hidden meat idea! hope dominic enjoyed his pizza!!

  4. Thanks girls! It really means a lot to me :)

  5. that looks delish. My friends have a 28 lb 4 yr old. They had to encourage all that calorie stuff esp butter and sour cream.


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