Friday, June 11, 2010

Baseball and Travels

Another productive week?  Yep!

Weve got another busy week under our belts and its been fun for sure.  The highlight was Tuesday the 8th when we attended the Washington Nationals game and saw phenom Stephen Strasburg in his unbelievable debut.  The stadium was packed and all 40,300+ fans stood in amazement to watch strike after strike.  In total he pitched 14 strikes in 7 innings, a Nationals record.  He walked off the field after the 7th to a standing ovation a standing ovation that started just minutes into his performance and continued until he left the mound.  What an awesome night to be there.  Of course Dominic was as happy as a clam, clapping along with everyone else.  He had French fries and lemonade and was in an all around good mood. 

Weve got a couple countdowns too.  Those who know me know that I love to travel.  We travel as much as we can and are pretty much always planning a trip of some sort.  My husband and I are heading to Ocean City in a couple weeks with some friends for a short weekend trip.  The week after Ill be taking Dominic on his second trip to Orlando.  Well be spending a week with my in-laws at their timeshare.  It should be relaxing and Im really excited.  Last time we were in Orlando was Halloween weekend.  We stayed at Disney and it really was as magical as your hear!  I think I had more fun as an adult than I did when I was a child.  Unfortunately, hubby wasnt able to come with us last trip, and he wont be coming on this one either.  I really look forward to going again one day with him. 

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  1. if you need a hubby stand-in ... i am available! although i do come complete w/ a kullen :) hehe! i hope you guys have a blast!
    see you tomorrow!


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