Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Year and a Half

I’ve spent so much of my “spare” time recently working on my [101 in 1001] list that I’ve neglected my normal blogging.  We’ve had a busy week too.  Since the last time I blogged we’ve taken Dominic to his first baseball game (Go Blue Crabs!), spent an evening in Annapolis, MD to celebrate my belated Mother’s Day, and had family visiting from NY for Memorial Day weekend.  We also had a failed boating trip… womp womp.

We tried to take D out on the boat for the first time.  The conditions were just not favorable for us.  First off, it was about 95 degrees out.  Being Memorial Day weekend, the marina was packed too.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a baby life jacket- but it looks like a torture device.  Our poor kid.  He was sweaty and jammed into a huge foam-filled vest that looked like it was about to cause his head to pop off his shoulders.  I felt horrible for him.  It took us 45 minutes of waiting in line (on the boat) to get gas before we could even head out.  By that time he was nearly hysterical, as was I.  We decided to cut our losses and head back in.  Next time will hopefully be a much more pleasant experience.  We ditched the bulky life jacket and got him a spiffy new neoprene one that fits great.  Live and learn I guess..

On to the most important event of this post- today marks exactly 18 months since our sweet boy was born!  I cant even believe how quickly the time has gone.  He has grown up so much recently.  Hes walking now which is extremely exciting.  We waited a long time for those first steps and just seeing him toddle along makes me grin ear to ear.  He was a late walker but an early talker.  Now hes saying so much and his little expressions are priceless.  Its such a joy to be his mom.


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