Monday, July 19, 2010

#26- Reach 20 followers on my blog

Horray!  When I set this goal for myself I really thought it would be further in the future.  I'm SO happy to say that Caterpillar Family now has 20 followers!!  My newest follower is Jessica at Barefoot By The Sea, so if my current followers could hop on over and check her out that would be great!  Just a little Thank You to her :)

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Even though I've crossed #26 off of my Day Zero project list, I'd like to set another goal for Caterpillar Family.. something that ties in another Day Zero item of mine.  So here it is:  When Caterpillar Family reaches 50 followers I will host a Giveaway!  The sooner I hit 50 followers, the sooner each of you will have an opportunity to win a cool prize ;)  Spread the word!!

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