Sunday, July 18, 2010

Extended Rear Facing

This is really a hot-button topic for me.  Rear facing is safest so we will rear face as long as possible.

For anyone interesting in learning more about extended rear-facing for toddlers, check out this article from AAP.  Spread the word to all of your mommy friends with young children- keep them 5x safer!

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"The AAP now recommends keeping a child rear-facing until the upper limits of the seat are reached. Since many seats rear-face up to 30-35 pounds (depending on the seat), many children can ride rear-facing into their second, third, and even fourth year of life. In Sweden, it is common practice to keep children rear-facing until 4 or 5 years of age. The reason? It is the safest way for anyone to ride. Need proof? *From 1992 through June of 1997, only 9 properly restrained rear-facing children died in Sweden (*CPSafety). In the United States, the number one cause of death in children under one year of age is from congenital anomalies . At the age of one, when most children start riding forward-facing, the number one cause of death is motor vehicle crashes (Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheet)." - Taken from Car Safety 4 Kids

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  1. Makes me feel better - my daughter is just barely 20 pounds and still faces to the rear.

    Thanks for the great blog - I'm your newest follower!


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