Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#57- Go grocery shopping with all reusable bags

I confess (although I suppose it’s a good thing), this is actually NOT our first time doing this.. it’s just the first time I remembered to take a picture. Although, seeing the picture after-the-fact I kinda wish I hadn’t- ba ha ha. Please excuse the lack of makeup and disheveled hair. Grocery shopping isn’t always glamorous ;)

Also notable- we saved a total of $10.86 using Giant club deals, scanner coupons, and doubler coupons I found in the paper!

So yay for crossing one more thing off my Day Zero Project list! It’s so exciting to see the progress and visually cross off things that you wanted to accomplish.


  1. I loved those doubler coupons & Giant deals can be pretty good! I also like seeing how much we saved!

  2. YAY!! I have done this twice now but it wasn't on my list =( I guess I could use it as one of my ways to go green {hmmm}

  3. I'm reallyyy trying to pay more attention to the coupons I have. I'm famous for coming home from the store only to realize I had coupons for several things I bought :/

  4. This is on my list! I need to get use to using the bags and remember to take a pic one time we go!


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