Monday, August 23, 2010

Mingle Monday + 50th post!

Well, it's now officially been one week since I became a temporary SAHM.  It's been great!  I can't say this is the only time I've been home with Dominic.  To be fair, I didn't go back to work after having him until he was four and a half months old.  So this is like SAHM round 2 ;)  Unfortunately, I know this won't be a permanent thing so I'm trying to sqeeze in as much coloring, finger painting, and general toddler madness as I can while it lasts.

I'm participating in this week's Mingle Monday hosted by KdBuggie Boutique.  I've participated in a few "Follow Me"s by now but I'm coming back to hers because, honestly, I really enjoyed the blogs I found though it.  Plus, I have to support a mom who makes high quality handmande baby items for BOYS as well as girls.  It is so dang hard to find cute things for boys, btw.  So, hop on over to her page and show some love!

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This post is also my 50th!  If you notice.. I have 43 followers.  If you're a reader of my blog you'll remember from this post I promised that I would have a giveaway to celebrate 50 followers AND the opening of my Etsy store.  So, I'm hoping that might happen soooooon ;)  If just 7 more people follow this blog I'll be giving away something extra cute!  If you want a preview or an idea of what to expect, you can also check out my Etsy store here.  Stay tuned :)


  1. I love your blog design! Please visit me at

  2. Thanks for the follow, I am now following back. Your ice cream from scratch recipe looks good and easy might have to give it a try I have all the ingredients!

    Nichole @

  3. so cute, jesse! keep posting recipes.

  4. Hi there,

    Your newest follower here from Mingle Mondays. I love these blog hops, you get to meet so many wonderful people. :) woohoo...I'm number 49!!

    Feel free to drop by The Things We Find Inside whenever you get a moment.


  5. Hey! I'm your 50th follower on your 50th post, cool!

    Thanks for stopping by Get Healthy Cheap today!

  6. there ya go, and i'm # 53, so get your store up, lol....

  7. wow...couldn't help drooling over that spicy sausage inviting...I am your newest follower via Mingle Mondays. Do visit my blog I would love a comment/suggestion and ofcourse a followback:)


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