Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plans and Meal Planning

What has really been going on with the C family recently? For starters, I’ve been working on a couple projects in order to get my Etsy shop up and running. I’ll be hosting at least one giveaway when that excitement goes down! More on that in another post. We’ve decided to take a weekend trip to NY in October. I can’t believe Dominic is 20 months old and he’s never been. In fact, the last time we were in NY was right before we got pregnant with him. I’m getting excited just thinking about him running around in Central Park, which BTW will cross something off of my list. I’m hoping for good weather and it should be gorgeous that time of year.

We were doing great with our meal planning and cooking dinners at home, but Hub went on a trip for work so I wasn't cooking. This pushed our menu back a couple days. I’ve still got one good recipe to post from our last dinner at home. I’ll try to get that posted tonight :). I’m really enjoying cooking dinner every night and I hope to get that back on track now that he's home. Little tidbit: I love to cook. I always have. I don’t claim to be a chef or anything but I DO think I have a pretty good knack for making good food. Now that I’m a busy full-time working mom I try to simplify my cooking. I don’t want to get all Rachel Ray on you or anything, but if I can’t make it one-handed while talking on the phone with a toddler climbing up my leg- I don’t bother with it these days.

Dinners need to be made in a short time frame without a ton of steps (or multiple pots and pans). One skillet dinners, casseroles, crockpot meals- all favorites in my house, as are things that can be prepared the night before and then just put in the oven. I try to accomplish this without turning to hamburger helper or frozen pizza… at least not every night. Hah. The recipes I post on this blog are my way of sharing what works for me. I do this because I frequently try recipes I find on other blogs (HEY Sisters’ Stuff Chicken Cheddar Rice Bake). In fact, if you have a recipe you just love to make and eat, please post it here!! Leave a comment with a link to the recipe. You can leave your own recipe or one you found on another site. If it looks yummy I’ll try it, take pictures, and blog about how it turned out!

On the subject of eating, Dominic is doing well. He definitely eats better around other kids. He’s also showing a LOT of interest in getting his own snacks out of his cabinet. He even ate a chicken nugget the other day!! This brings his lifetime chicken nugget count to 3. LOL. Other moms of kids with food aversions would appreciate this meat-eating accomplishment! He had a weigh-in with his new pediatrician and he’s at 20 lbs 8 oz now. He’s gained half a pound in a little less than 2 months, which is a good gain for him. She instructed us to continue adding calories to his diet wherever we can, including cream in his nightly bottle.  Along with that came a referral to a new occupational therapist. We’re really optimistic about it since we feel that he’s already come SO far. Him eating a chicken nugget will have me riding high for the next three days, let me tell you!


  1. WOOHOO Dominic, that is very exciting news!!

    I'm with you on the cooking =) it's been my new habbit to double what ever I am cooking & freeze 1/2 .... works great

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  4. What will you be selling on Etsy?


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