Thursday, September 30, 2010

#31- Donate Clothing to the Salvation Army

... which means that we both cleaned out our closets.  Have you ever looked at a closet full of clothes and thought "I have nothing to wear."  It probably means that you, like me, hang on to way too much crap.  It's actually ridiculous that amount of clothing I had in my closet that I hadn't worn in years.  Some of it.. ahem... didn't fit me anymore.  And some of it was out of style.  Either way it needed to go.  So hub and I both went through our closets and bagged all of the clothing in good condition that we didn't want anymore.  Do you want to know how many large trash bags were taken?  7.  Seven.  Insanity.

Adios!  I hope you find a new home :)

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  1. We've cleaned both of our closets out twice in the last two years and have brought about 7-10 bags to the Salvation Army, crazy.


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