Sunday, September 5, 2010

#44- Feed Ducks

I'm finally getting around to documenting this one.  In all honesty, we've fed ducks, or "cack cacks" as Dominic calls them, a few times since I started my Day Zero project.  Dominic LOVES ducks :)  He loves all animals but ducks in particular.  Last night after dinner Hub, D, and I walked behind our house to the pond with a pack of slightly stale hot dog buns.  Of course the ducks were alllll the way on the opposite side of the pond from us and I didn't want to get all the way over there only to have them fly away.  So I picked D up and half-ran over there.  As soon as the "cack cacks" were in sight Dominic practically lept out of my arms.  He was squealing at me as I opened the package of buns.  He is so big.  He knows exactly what to do and doesn't want any help at all.  I handed him bun after bun and he ripped them apart and threw them to the ducks (who, btw, were very brave and came right up to him). 

At one point, I wasn't quick enough reloading him with duck food so he took one himself.  hehe. 

When we were all out of buns the ducks waddled into the pond and swam away.

[please excuse the crappy cell phone pics... I left my camera inside]

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