Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's that time again..

Time for me to once again profess my love for Shutterfly.  No, Shutterfly does not pay me to endorse them in any way (although they should- hehe).  I just genuinely appreciate a photo site that is easy to use and does not cost an arm and a leg to enjoy.  You may remember this post from this past May.  I was new to blogging and sharing my Shutterfly steal was on my mind then too.  You also may remember from this post (my very first!) that I've also hosted a Shutterfly photo book party.  So much fun! 

You see, since I'm obviously a valued customer I get offer codes emailed to me all the time.  That in addition to specials that they run (the usually have at least 3-4 specials going at any one time), I end up getting ridiculous amounts of merch for tiny amounts of mulah.  Remember when I posted about our Orlando vacation?  Well, I still hadn't made a photo book from that trip.  If you know me, you know that I chronicle our lives via photo books.  I don't have the time or energy to scrapbook... and quite frankly, scrapbooking is more expensive.  So I take an hour or two and make a gorgeous photo book that my friends and relatives will ooh and aahh over while thinking that I must have spent days putting it together.  Ba ha ha- not hardly.
Here is my latest:

My order consisted of the following:
-1 8x8 hard cover photo book with 61 pages
-139 4x6 prints
-3 5x7 folded photo greeting cards

I had offers for the following:
-1 Free 8x8 photo book with 20 pages
-3 Free 5x7 folded photo greeting cards
-$10 off an order $30 or more
-Free Shipping on an order $30 or more
-20% off photobook pages

I ended up paying a grand total of $25.00 after a total savings of $69.61!!  So that's my Shutterfly plug for today :)


  1. i <3 shutterfly as well although we're now in a fight! i got my promo code for the free book that expired last night .. so i busted my butt to get it done and ordered by last night, only to find an email this morning saying they had extended it until midnight today!!! GR!!! i could have added a few more pages!!! but, i made a nice first year book for kullen that had somewhere around 45 pages?!

  2. Sounds the same as my post!- purchases and coupons :)

  3. Oh- and my book was of Orlando too!!

  4. Oooh, this is really cool. I have shutterfly and obviously have not taken advantage of all they have to offer. Thanks!

  5. found you on the blog hop and already love your blog because you love shutterfly and their great deals :) I did the free photobook this week too! NOthing beats FREE!

    New follower here :)


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