Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rambling again..

I feel like it's been a while since I've had a reflective post.  I don't want to get so bogged down with giveaways and recipes that I forget why I like to blog in the first place.  Its been an interesting month in our household, that's for sure.  Three weeks ago I lost my job.  Initially I thought I'd bounce right back into something right away.. that's not exactly going as planned.  I'm still unemployed for the time being.  We're doing alright.  Hub is working overtime, but more than anything this has been a huge wake-up call.  We were spending nauseating amounts of money each month on non-vital things.  Of course it didn't seem like it at the time.  I always "needed" this or that at Target.  Dominic "needed" a new toy or outfit each time we were out shopping.  I "needed" Starbucks almost daily. That last one pained me to even type.  I've yet to uncover the secret to a good DIY iced coffee.  Sigh.

When I lost my job we put a near freeze on all spending.  We started evaluating every dollar that left our bank account.  I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.  We both worked and made good money.  We did alright, but didn't feel like we had a ton of excess cash by any means.  I was sure that the sudden loss of my income would send us into financial ruin.  Now, it's still super early... but we're starting to see that we have the ability to pay our bills AND eat, for now at least.  I still have to find another job.  But, if it takes me a little longer than I initially planned- our world won't end.  For now the world we lived in is gone, replaced by frugal shopping, dinners at home, cheap entertainment, and coupon clipping.

We decided to keep Dominic in daycare part time for two reasons.  1) to hold his spot for when I do find a job and 2) to keep him social.  I don't want to be flamed by hoards of SAHMs for this, but I only have one child.  Dominic is shy to begin with.  I felt like pulling him completely from the interaction he had with other children his age was cruel.  He's been with the same daycare provider since I went back to work when he was 4.5 months old.  They love each other.  Plus, this gives me two days out of seven to get some cleaning done around the house and job hunt without having to worry about waking him up or finding someone to watch him for me.  So that's what we're doing for now.

On the subject of my little man... what a joy he is!  I feel like we've officially crossed over from "baby" to "kid", for better or worse.  All in all it's awesome to see him become his own little person.  He's SO opinionated and full of life.  It's bittersweet for me though.  Recently he has refused to be worn at all.  I had hopes of extended toddlerwearing lasting for a little longer.  My beloved Beco is hardly tested by my 21 pound 21 month-old.  I envisioned back carries through the age of two at least!  He's not having it though.  Mr. Independent would prefer to walk thankyouverymuch.  He's still doing alright with the stroller, so now we just stroll everywhere.  Maybe he just doesn't want all the toddler girls to see him cuddled up with his mommy? ba ha ha. 

He IS still rear facing in his car seat though, and I have no plans of turning around anytime soon.  People sometimes ask me if he'd rather be forward facing or say that their two year old would never ride rear facing.  My answer to that is simple- he has never ridden in a car forward facing, so he has no idea what it is.  He doesn't know that the way he rides is not the "norm" although it IS the recommended way to ride.  He might prefer to drink soda instead of water... but I don't give him the choice.  He drinks water because that's what he knows.  It's funny though because Hub and I were having a discussion the other day about when we would switch him.  Dominic had just thrown a remarkable fit while getting strapped into his car seat and we were wondering if he might be happier facing front (for the record, 9 times out of ten he's perfectly happy to get in the car.  He even "helps" me clip his chest strap).  As if on cue, there was a mother in the car next to us attempting to strap her little girl (who looked to be the same age as D) into her forward-facing car seat.  OH the fit she was throwing!  Kicking, screaming, arching her back, this little girl pulled out all the stops.  Hub and I just looked at each other and smiled.  I guess it's not about the direction of the seat after all.

I suppose that's all for now.  I have a couple more posts "in waiting", including a post about two giveaways I won (yay!) but I really wanted to do a big "catch up" for my readers.  Thanks for the support!


  1. i underwent this same thing more than two years ago when i had to quit my job to care for my son. we have been struggling since last year when the hubby lost his job a few months before christmas.

    you learn how to adapt to the new situations. i envy you because you have coupons there. i had to borrow money from my parents and friends just to keep us afloat during that time.

    we still struggle, but God is good. it became an opportunity for the hubby and toddler to get to know each other more. we got to spend more time as a family, since the hubby now works from home.

  2. This bump in the road will only make you stronger! & I understand those Target 'needs'...guilty.

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  4. D looks like a mini Billy with his hair like that hehe


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