Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Nights

Our summer nights are fading.  Fall is approaching. 

Many evenings we wander to the pond behind our home.  We like to stroll along the path. 

Of course there is one other reason we've been frequenting the pond...

Our sweet boy just loves to visit his waterfoul friends.

They are happy for the visit.  A little too happy, actually.  Just last week I had a sleeve of crackers snatched from my hands and the box was trampled.

Luckily ducks don't have teeth. 

We've even been taking Libby with us to the pond.  She's been such a good girl, waiting for the ducks to have their meal...

...before chasing them back into the water.

We watched them paddle away.

Then we feed Libby the leftover snacks.

What a beautiful way to spend our remaining summer evenings..


  1. Oh, I'm going to miss summertime too. The pond looks so tranquil in that last photo--I bet you could just sit there for hours.

    Your little boy's adorable...Nothing like feeding the ducks and then watching them paddle away on a warm summer evening. Have a great week!

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