Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Fall Craft Fair

Did I mention that I participated in my first craft fair last weekend?  Yes?  Maybe once or twice. hehe. 

I just can't get over how exciting it was.  I'm not the most outgoing sales-person, but I still think I did really well!  Between the pictures of adorable babies and the various caramels I set out, almost everyone at least stopped by my table.  Clearly I'm not above bribes :) 

Anywho, I did end up selling a good amount of hats that day and also took orders for more.  Most importantly, I got a LOT of feedback.  Up until now I haven't really had an opportunity to get out there and see what other people had to say about my hats... cause I already know my mom loves them. 

I took lots of notes about what hats people seemed most drawn to, what hats sold first, what hats didn't get picked up as much, so on and so forth.  This is SO valuable to me.  Now I have a much better understanding of the market I'm in and will be able to cater to exactly what people want. 

With Christmas around the corner I'm hoping to be adding quite a few more items to my etsy shop.  I have a back log of orders to be filled right now.  Once I get those filled, I am going to have a big holiday sale so stay tuned for the announcement!  If YOU would like to place an order for a custom handmade hat, please email me at  I'll get back to you ASAP with details and pricing. 

To everyone stopping by from Paisley Passions, please take a look around!  Be sure to leave your URL so that I may stop by your blog as well :)


  1. woo! congrats on the success of the craft fair! I know it must feel great to have people loving your handmade hats! I'll be contacting you for some hats for my little cousins for Christmas! :)

  2. love this post <3 and of course, the hats!
    i'm tempted to participate in thrilling thursday and show off my crochet circle ;) hahaha [circle because that's all i've gotten so far! AHEM!]

  3. Love the hats! Thanks for sharing!

  4. yeah, disregard my last post. i thought the hop was to showcase stuff you've made .. not stuff for sale. haha nobody wants a crochet cirlcle, i'm sure!

  5. Following you from Fabulous Friday Follow.


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