Sunday, November 21, 2010

what cake means to us

Dominic now likes cake.  Most parents probably cringe when they think about their toddler eating the sugary treat.  Not us.

You see, this is exciting to us.  Last year at this time, as I planned my sweet baby's first birthday party, I knew we wouldn't have the typical baby face-in-cake scene like you normally see.  At one, he ate almost no solid foods.  He certainly wouldn't try new things and things that were overly sweet would almost always cause him to gag.  He pleased us all at his first birthday party by smashing into his cake.  I was so happy with that!  He squished it between his fingers and really had a fun time with it.  But, he wouldn't take one single bite.  Not even a taste

So even though we'll soon be celebrating his second birthday, this will be his first real cake time.  The first time he will be enjoying the treat with a house full of people celebrating his life.  We're so thankful for the progress he's made and thankful that this year he'll have his cake..

..and eat it, too!


  1. What a wonderful blessing.... LET HIM EAT CAKE!!!

  2. love this :) i'm so excited to see dominic eat his cake this year! :) well, that is, if libby doesn't beat him to it ;]


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