Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been terribly behind on blogging lately.  So much has happened lately on top of the general holiday craziness.  Our house is all festively decorated now.  The tree is up, the stockings have been hung with care taped to the living room mirror, and I have a ton of gorgeous holiday cards on display. 

All of our presents are bought and now all I have left to do is wrap most of them.  Dominic got so many toys for his birthday that we mostly got him pajamas, socks and other clothes, and other practical things.  We did get him a couple toys and my favorite childhood book, The Giving Tree.

(THE GIVING TREE) BY SILVERSTEIN, SHEL (Author) Hardcover{The Giving Tree} on 07 Oct-1964

We had an interesting day yesterday.  Hubby, Dominic, two of our good friends, and I got to tour the White House.  It was neat to see it all decorated for Christmas!  The trees and garland were just beautiful.  Dominic, however, was less than impressed with the slow pace and quiet mood of the tour.  On second thought, I'm not sure we should have brought him with us.  I really wanted to see it as a family.  We accomplished that, but it was a near-disaster.  At one point he was screaming and flailing because he wanted to go back to the room where they had a flutist choir performing.  Cute.  You know how high ceilings echo.  Of course he regained his composure right as we rounded out the tour and were headed out the door.  He was as happy as a clam as we ate dinner afterwards at the always delicious Old Ebbitt Grill, so I guess he redeemed himself.

Dominic, my sister, and I spent a couple days last weekend in Delaware for a family Christmas celebration. It was nice to see family who, for the most part, we only see once a year.

Speaking of my sister, everyone please send nice thoughts her way.  This afternoon her boyfriend was in a bad car accident on his way to see her.  He ended up being taken by helicopter to a Baltimore Shock Trauma and is still in surgery as I type this.  I don't know all the details, but she is worried sick waiting to hear that he'll be ok.

I'll be on again soon to share pictures from our White House tour :)


  1. i've never herad of the giving tree ... if it's in regards to sharing though, i may have to pick it up! ;) haha!
    and praying for sisters bf!

  2. "Cute. You know how high ceilings echo" .. thanks for the laugh ;)

  3. I so love the giving tree !!! It was one of my favs growing up also :)


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