Monday, December 27, 2010

White House Tour

In my previous post I mentioned that we were lucky enough to get to tour the White House.  It was so pretty all decorated for Christmas.  We moved through rather quickly because Dominic was not as excited to be there as I was, but I still got a few good pictures.  The decorations were all real!  How cool is that?  Real sticks and leaves, real trees, real fruit, etc.  Almost everything was then painted and glittered making the whole place sparkle.

Myself, one uncooperative boy, and the dog!

We did let Dominic do a little exploring, which he liked. 

His favorite part, by far, was the flutist chior.  They were fantastic! 

My musically inclined boy just wanted to stand and listen to them play.  This turned out to be a problem as the tour kept moving.  It was pretty funny how he would "complain" everytime they would stop playing and go silent the second they started back up.  I think the conductor got a kick out of that.

All of the trees were so big and pretty.  And, because they were all real, it smelled wonderful.

The red room..

Real apricots!  So neat.

Awesome to see this..

As a special token of our appreciation, Dominic dropped his pants upon leaving.  The highlight of the night for sure.  We're walking about 30 feet from the door of the white house and I hear my husband (who is holding Dominic's hand behind me) say, "Come on Dominic.  I know you can walk faster than that."  I turn around to see my poor kid with his pants around his ankles.  He walked right out of them in the 20 degree temps.  LOL.  Obviously my hub scooped him up, fixed his pants, and carried him the rest of the way to dinner, but it was good for a laugh.  I, of course, did not get a picture because I was more concerned with my freezing boy.  haha.

This allows me to cross #62 Tour the White House off my Day Zero List :)


  1. Love the pictures! I hope to tour the white house on Christmas, someday!

  2. WOW I love that big tree, I would love to see the white house anytime, but at Christmas would be super special

  3. "Dominic I know you can walk faster than that" haha poor D, he could have walked faster if his Dad saw sooner that his pants were to his ankles. ;)


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