Monday, January 31, 2011

Things Overheard in the First Trimester

- "What time does Chipotle open?"

- "Can you tell my boobs are getting bigger?"  Hubby squints.

- "moo"

- One night while laying in bed I say to my husband, "I can feel my uterus now.  Do you want to feel?"  To which he replies, "Ewwwww!  Where is your uterus?!?"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a present to myself

The day after I found out I was expecting, I bought myself a little something to celebrate!

Cute, huh!?!  I liked my old diaper bag, but there were a couple features that bothered me over the last two years of use.  My old diaper bag was big but didn't close at the top.  I really wanted something that could zip closed to keep my belongings in and my toddler out.  I'd been looking around at diaper bags for the past few months but just didn't want to buy anything new with a two year old.  It just seemed like I wouldn't get my money out of it.  The wonderful news of a sweet new baby on the way was the perfect excuse to shop!  After reading lots of reviews I decided on the Fleurville!  It arrived a few days later and it's gorgeous!!  I'm not going to use it until the new baby arrives so that it's nice and fresh.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

About Face!

When Dominic was an infant we set a goal for ourselves to keep him rear facing in his car seat until he was at least two years of age.  I'm very passionate about car seat safety and the greatest risk of injury to a forward facing child is between 12 and 24 months of age.  We felt that by keeping him rear facing until two years old we had done our best job to protect him in case of an accident.  Now that he's over two, we knew we would turn him around one of these days.  We finally got around to it on Monday.. over a full month after his birthday.  We weren't in a rush or anything and he was totally comfortable the other way.  He's now officially a forward facing boy!  His first couple car rides were pretty funny.  He seemed nervous!  Now it's just fun to hear him narrate our drive.  Here he is on his very first trip!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Announcement

It's been 18 long days since I last posted and I've got a big announcement to make..  the C family is expanding!  We are so thrilled to be expecting our second baby.  We've been wanting and hoping for this for a while.  As happy as I am to be pregnant, I've felt pretty terrible.  I pretty much spend my days entertaining Dominic and sleeping when he sleeps.  That pretty much cuts out all of my blogging time, as I generally did that at naptime and after he went to bed.  I'm starting to feel better now, and I'm really thankful for that. 

The details:

When did you find out ?:  the weekend after Thanksgiving

When are you due?:  August 7th

Which makes you how far along?:  just over 11 weeks now

Will you find out the gender?:  Definitely!

Are you hoping for one or the other?:  Not at all.  We just really wanted another baby.  There are plus sides to having a girl or another boy.  If we were to have a boy we would be able to re-use all of our cute clothes from Dominic, plus he would have a brother to play with!  But, it would be really neat to have one of each.  So we're just anxiously awaiting our "big" ultrasound.

Will your heart condition affect this pregnancy?:  I'm hoping not.  I had a fabulous pregnancy last time around and I'm hoping for the same this time.  I will have to have a couple check-ins with my cardiologist and will have an appointment with a perinatologist to make sure no congenital heart defects are present in the baby.  Other than that, all will go as normal.

How do you think Dominic will react to the new baby?:  Good question.. ha.  I think he'll be great with the baby.  He is such a gentle boy and really nice to others.  My only concern is his reaction to not being the only child.  I'm hoping that he adjusts well.

So that's that!  Since I'm feeling better and I'm "out" with this pregnancy I should be back to posting regularly.  I'll leave you with a picture I just took yesterday of my tiny bump!

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