Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a present to myself

The day after I found out I was expecting, I bought myself a little something to celebrate!

Cute, huh!?!  I liked my old diaper bag, but there were a couple features that bothered me over the last two years of use.  My old diaper bag was big but didn't close at the top.  I really wanted something that could zip closed to keep my belongings in and my toddler out.  I'd been looking around at diaper bags for the past few months but just didn't want to buy anything new with a two year old.  It just seemed like I wouldn't get my money out of it.  The wonderful news of a sweet new baby on the way was the perfect excuse to shop!  After reading lots of reviews I decided on the Fleurville!  It arrived a few days later and it's gorgeous!!  I'm not going to use it until the new baby arrives so that it's nice and fresh.


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