Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 16 weeks

As you can see from the above baby fruit-o-meter, our second baby is now the size of an avacado.  My last appointment was on Valentine's day and the baby's heartrate was a perfect 155 bpm.  I'd guess I've gained about 10 lbs so far, which is about where I was at 20 weeks last time.  Everything seems to be moving along so quickly this pregnancy and I'm definitely showing way quicker.  I know everyone told me it happens like that with your second, but I was still shocked when I was suddenly noticably bigger by 12 weeks.  With Dominic, I went to my anatomy scan at 19 weeks in my regular clothes.  Not happening this time!

Speaking of the anatomy scan, ours is sceduled for two weeks from today!  I am so excited to find out whether this sweet little baby is a boy or a girl.  I don't have a preference at all, I'm just curious!  We're having a much harder time picking names this time so we've kinda put it off until we know the gender.  Other than names, I've been searching for the perfect baby bedding set.  We're keeping Dominic in his room with all of the same decorations because his set isn't very baby-ish.  With the chocolate brown and olive green, it's fitting for a boy through toddler years.  So this baby will have a brand new set.  Unfortunately, nothing is calling to me right now.  I think we've picked a boy bedding set we like at BabiesRus:

But I'm really stuck on a set for a girl.  I'm not into bugs.  That means butterflies and ladybugs are out.  I'm also not a huge fan of bright pink.  I'm more of a purple kinda girl.  There was one set I liked (also at BabiesRus) but of course it's been discontinued and is no longer on the shelves.  Grrr.  I'm really weary about buying online without seeing the set in person, so that's out too.  Stand by.  I'll keep you all posted.

As for cravings.... I haz them.  This probably explains the weight gain.  With Dominic all I wanted to eat was steak and a blue cheese wedge salad.  This was particularly weird given the fact that I ate no red meat at the time.  I had only eaten poultry and seafood for about three years before becoming pregnant with him.  I did a totaly 180 and couldn't stand the thought of chicken.  I started eating steak again and never looked back!!  This time, my meal of choice is very specific:  A #4 from Chick-fil-A (for those of you who aren't total fat asses, that's a spicy chicken deluxe sandwich).  I order mine with provelone cheese instead of pepper jack and I dip the sandwich in ranch dressing as I eat it.  My mouth is now watering.  I alternate between ordering sweet tea (bad, I know) and lemonade.  I'd just like to point out that I'm a pretty paranoid preggo when it comes to the things we aren't supposed to eat or drink.  Other than the occasional treat of a sweet tea or piece of chocolate, I consume no caffiene.  I allow myself the pleasure of a sweet tea now that I'm in the second trimester.

I do try to eat healthy for the most part and I eat a lot of fresh fruit.  I take my vitamins and pretty much drink water and milk only.  With that being said, my feelings about weight gain are pretty clear.  By nine months pregnant I am going to be huge any way you slice it.  Regardless of whether I eat a salad for every meal or inindulge in my cravings, I won't be winning any bikini contests.  I might as well enjoy my pregnancy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CuteyBaby "That's a wrap!" Review

I was extremely excited when CuteyBaby contacted me regarding a review of their newest modern cloth diaper design.  I don't regularly use cloth diapers, but I've always been curious about them!  I already own two of their original all-in-one diapers and really like them!  Unfortunately, they were a bit too wide for my skinny guy.  So I was really excited to give this great company another try with a new properly fitting diaper!  Plus, this review came just in time, as we are on the cusp of potty training.

I received one diaper cover in navy blue, two cloth diaper soakers, and a roll of disposable liners for review.  Upon opening the package my first impression was that this new design was of very high quality and right in line with their original diapers.  I could tell that the size Medium we received would be a great fit.  After a quick first wash we got down to business!

The soaker easily and neatly fit inside the diaper cover.  I put a disposable liner into the diaper and tucked it into the front of the inner channel.  I really like the new low-profile Velcro.  I liked the idea of their old detachable tabs, but in actual use I could see how those might get misplaced on laundry day.  The new low-profile Velcro just attaches to the inside of the diaper and stays put during the wash. 

I put the diaper on my toddler and was really impressed with the fit.  It fit him snugly around the waist and legs without being too tight.  I also didn't find it to be overly bulky, which is nice.  It wasn't long before the diaper was put to the real test!  I have to say that I found cleanup to be quick and painless, even for a novice cloth diaper user like myself.  The leg gussets kept everything in and the disposable liner made it easy to shake the diaper into the toilet.  All in all I am really impressed with the new "That's a wrap!" design from CuteyBaby and would recommend it highly.  I'd like to thank CuteyBaby for giving me the opportunity to review this product and look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.

These awesome diapers are available for purchase at and at select grocery stores across the country.  To search for your nearest retailer, go here.
**I received the CuteyBaby "That's a wrap!" modern cloth diapering system free of charge for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.**

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

a Valentine's Day lunch for my littlest love :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the battle we're winning

As I was catching up on my blog reading recently, I came across this post by Emma @ toddler awesome.  I was really impressed by her two year-old's diet!  We might not quite be to the point where Dominic is eating things like fish, baked beans, and cottage pie, but we've come a long way with his eating in the past year.  And so, I've been inspired to take you through his typical diet.  Perhaps you'll read this post and think it's not so bad, maybe you'll be relieved to find that you aren't the only parent stirring mac and cheese as opposed to whipping up a gourmet meal on a tuesday afternoon.  Whatever your reaction, I'd love to see what some of you feed your toddlers!  If you can to join in, please leave me a comment linking your post.  I'd love to read it.  So without further delay, here is my totally honest post in which I tell you what my toddler is really eating.

Typically we're picking one option from each category during breakfast, two items during lunch and afternoon snack, and two or three items at dinner. 

-Cold cereal with whole milk.  His favorites are plain cheerios, kix, cinnamon life, and cinnamon toast crunch.
-Hot oatmeal packet made with half water, half whole milk.  His favorite is maple brown sugar but he also likes apple cinnamon.
-Toast with butter.

-Macaroni and Cheese
-Grilled Cheese
-Tyson "Fun Nuggets" in dinosaur shapes
-Hebrew National hotdog
-AND a fruit (see below)

Afternoon Snack after nap
-YoBaby yogurt (he still eats Yobaby as opposed to "regular" yogurt because it's made with whole milk and has low sugar in comparison)
-Mini Teddy Grahams (honey)
-Gerber Fruit Twist
-Fruit Snacks.  Welch's "Berries and Cherries" with Vitamin C are his favorite.
-Slice of cheese
-Baby Goldfish crackers
-Applesause ("naturals" with no added sugar)  He likes the blueberry and peach flavors the best.

Typically we try to incorporate something we know he will eat into what we plan for dinner, such as pasta.  OR we'll make him a plate with one of his favorite foods and also put some of our dinner items on his plate even if we know he won't eat them.  For dinner, since we sit every night and eat as a family, I'm really trying to get away from him having a totally different meal than my husband and I.  For example, if it's taco night I know he won't eat any of the meat.  He will however eat a cheese quesadilla and so I can make his dinner look similar to ours.  These are his typical dinner foods (and things we may be eating as well).
-Hot Dog, Nuggets, or Grilled Cheese depending on what he ate for lunch.
-Spaghetti.  His hands-down favorite food.  Our boy LOVES tomato sauce.
-Other pasta we happen to be having.
-French Fries
-Veggie (see below)

Usually he eats a side of fruit with lunch.  He will also eat fruit with his afternoon snack or even breakfast depending on what he's eating.  I'm hoping that we can expand his variety once the spring and summer gets here and I can find some tasty berries, watermelon, and cantalope in season!
-Diced apples.  He likes granny smith and gala.
-Sliced banana
-Clementine orange wedges
-Sliced strawberries

-Corn.. not even really a veggie but I'll count it ;)
-Peas (occasionally)
-Squash if it's pureed and I mix it into his macaroni and cheese
-Tomato (sauce on pasta)

To drink
Dominic is a grazer with both food and drink.  He tends to sip instead of gulp and usually one drink will last him a couple meals.  For example, I might give him a juice box/pouch at breakfast and he'll drink half of it.  I'll put it back in the fridge and give it to him to finish at lunch or snacktime.
-Water throughout the day.
-Juice at most meals.  I get him Capri-Sun 100% juices, he likes the berry flavor best.  I swear it seriously disturbs me how many "juices" there are marketed for little kids that aren't juice at all.  Why in the world does fruit need to be sweetened??  There are like 20 varieties of Capri-Sun drinks on the shelves at our local grocery store and if I'm lucky there will be two 100% juices to choose from.  Bleh.
-OR "Fruitables" by Apple & Eve.  It's bascially 1/3 fruit juice, 1/3 vegetable juice, and 1/3 water.  He likes the Pear Peach flavor.
-Whole Milk at breakfast if he is eating something that doesn't contain milk, at snack if he's eating teddy grahams, and always before bed.

He also eats one Flintstone Gummy per day.

Wow.  I look back on that list and think about how far we've come.  It was almost a year ago that we had to make a list of what he would eat and I swear I think we came up with 7 or 8 things total.  I'm so proud of my boy whenever he tries new things and I see him actually enjoying food, which is something I wasn't sure would ever happen.  Yay for us :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Housekeeping and a Robot

I've done some cleaning up around the C family blog.  I just felt overwhelmed with all the extra "stuff" clogging up my blogosphere.  I'm liking this new more personal look and I'm loving my new banner.

Things have been great around here.  As I round out the first trimester of my second pregnancy, I'm feeling so much better that I was just a few weeks ago.  We've seen our sweet little pea a couple times and everything looks perfect, making me more and more excited about this next phase of our lives. 

Dominic continues to amaze us every day with the things he learns.  He is talking so much now.. not that he wasn't always the chatterbox, it's just that now most words are recognizable.  He speaks in sentences!!  Do you have any idea how exciting it is to hear your former little baby spit out a nearly gramatically correct sentence??  It still blows my mind how quickly he picks things up.  His favorite verbs are 'go' and 'got'... so we hear a lot of "puppy go night-night!" as he tosses his beloved Pup into the crib at bedtime.  Or "I got a boo boo!" as he's showing me the speck on his hand and gleaming with pride.  He knows all of his numbers (single digit 0-9) and will point to them on command when asked.  He recognizes and says some of them (2, 8, and 9 seem to be favorites).  He can almost spell his name.  hehe.  It goes like this, "D-O-M-I-C-8-9-6".  Close enough!  I think he gave my mother a heart attack one afternoon when she was watching him for me.  I guess I hadn't told her about the new name spelling thing and she calls me frantic, "HE'S SPELLING HIS NAME!  Did you know he can spell his name??  I had to call your grandmother so she could hear him too!!"  Yes.  He's our little robot, Domic896.

Anyway, back to the blog look.  If you have any other suggestions, please let mw know if something doesn't look quite right or if you have a snazzy suggestion.  I'm always open to ideas!

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