Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CuteyBaby "That's a wrap!" Review

I was extremely excited when CuteyBaby contacted me regarding a review of their newest modern cloth diaper design.  I don't regularly use cloth diapers, but I've always been curious about them!  I already own two of their original all-in-one diapers and really like them!  Unfortunately, they were a bit too wide for my skinny guy.  So I was really excited to give this great company another try with a new properly fitting diaper!  Plus, this review came just in time, as we are on the cusp of potty training.

I received one diaper cover in navy blue, two cloth diaper soakers, and a roll of disposable liners for review.  Upon opening the package my first impression was that this new design was of very high quality and right in line with their original diapers.  I could tell that the size Medium we received would be a great fit.  After a quick first wash we got down to business!

The soaker easily and neatly fit inside the diaper cover.  I put a disposable liner into the diaper and tucked it into the front of the inner channel.  I really like the new low-profile Velcro.  I liked the idea of their old detachable tabs, but in actual use I could see how those might get misplaced on laundry day.  The new low-profile Velcro just attaches to the inside of the diaper and stays put during the wash. 

I put the diaper on my toddler and was really impressed with the fit.  It fit him snugly around the waist and legs without being too tight.  I also didn't find it to be overly bulky, which is nice.  It wasn't long before the diaper was put to the real test!  I have to say that I found cleanup to be quick and painless, even for a novice cloth diaper user like myself.  The leg gussets kept everything in and the disposable liner made it easy to shake the diaper into the toilet.  All in all I am really impressed with the new "That's a wrap!" design from CuteyBaby and would recommend it highly.  I'd like to thank CuteyBaby for giving me the opportunity to review this product and look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.

These awesome diapers are available for purchase at and at select grocery stores across the country.  To search for your nearest retailer, go here.
**I received the CuteyBaby "That's a wrap!" modern cloth diapering system free of charge for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.**


  1. these are the same brand that you received from a giveaway, right? that were a little too big? how exciting they adjusted their sizes! dominic is an awesome 'undie' model ;]

  2. I got the two I have now from babysteals and they were too big :/. My own fault for picking a size he was right on the edge of. This time they just asked for his weight and sent me the appropriate size! I really like the new style.

  3. Why the heck does he have pacifier(s) 2... not 1... at that age????


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