Thursday, February 3, 2011

Housekeeping and a Robot

I've done some cleaning up around the C family blog.  I just felt overwhelmed with all the extra "stuff" clogging up my blogosphere.  I'm liking this new more personal look and I'm loving my new banner.

Things have been great around here.  As I round out the first trimester of my second pregnancy, I'm feeling so much better that I was just a few weeks ago.  We've seen our sweet little pea a couple times and everything looks perfect, making me more and more excited about this next phase of our lives. 

Dominic continues to amaze us every day with the things he learns.  He is talking so much now.. not that he wasn't always the chatterbox, it's just that now most words are recognizable.  He speaks in sentences!!  Do you have any idea how exciting it is to hear your former little baby spit out a nearly gramatically correct sentence??  It still blows my mind how quickly he picks things up.  His favorite verbs are 'go' and 'got'... so we hear a lot of "puppy go night-night!" as he tosses his beloved Pup into the crib at bedtime.  Or "I got a boo boo!" as he's showing me the speck on his hand and gleaming with pride.  He knows all of his numbers (single digit 0-9) and will point to them on command when asked.  He recognizes and says some of them (2, 8, and 9 seem to be favorites).  He can almost spell his name.  hehe.  It goes like this, "D-O-M-I-C-8-9-6".  Close enough!  I think he gave my mother a heart attack one afternoon when she was watching him for me.  I guess I hadn't told her about the new name spelling thing and she calls me frantic, "HE'S SPELLING HIS NAME!  Did you know he can spell his name??  I had to call your grandmother so she could hear him too!!"  Yes.  He's our little robot, Domic896.

Anyway, back to the blog look.  If you have any other suggestions, please let mw know if something doesn't look quite right or if you have a snazzy suggestion.  I'm always open to ideas!

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