Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just one more thing...

I'm sure those of you who are homeowners out there understand the never ending list- the list of home projects that have to get done before such and such happens.  Finally finishing one project is guaranteed to inspire yet another. 

Now that I'm expecting our second child, we knew we needed to turn our so-called "extra" bedroom into the new baby's room.  Simple enough.  Unfortunately, we'd been using that extra room as a storage space.  When we first bought our house (and I was pregnant with Dominic) we designated that room as our office, and it worked out great.  We had our computer in there, a guest bed, and we stored our winter coats and other things in the closet.  At some point in time as Dominic began to accumulate larger toys, we decided to convert that room into his playroom... except he didn't really care to play in there.  And so the playroom fizzled out.  Since then, it's been where we stick pretty much anything we don't otherwise have a spot for.

So I've begun tossing things out- throwing away anything that isn't really used.  I got a good bit of the room cleared out.  We donated a TV, a TV stand, a bookshelf, and a bunch of other odds and ends to the local Salvation Army and that really opened it up.  There's just a few things that we have to store and need a place for.  Our photo albums, wedding mementos, and a few other important things still need a place.  I don't feel comfortable just tossing them up in the attic.  This brings us to our next project- the linen closet.

Though most every room in our house has been redone by us, we hadn't touched the upstairs linen closet.  It was still painted the same dingy color it had been probably 20 years ago.  It still had those ugly wire shelves.  And it was a total waste of space.  The shelves were way too far apart and it was just a mess.  We decided we had to redo the linen closet in order to get the extra bedroom totally cleared out for the baby.  We gutted, spackled, sanded, painted (more in that in a minute), and bought new white shelves.  Everything should be totally installed by tonight and we'll finish the project completely by adding a new door, replacing the old metal one.  And I got some super cute baskets to go on the shelves.

Next onto the paining.  We've been in the process of repainting every communal/hallway area in our house for some time now.  The tan that the entire house was painted was ok in the beginning, but after living with it for almost three years we've realized just how dark it is.  Dark makes small spaces look smaller.  No good.  At this point I'd say that about 1/3 of the total area we've got is repainted a nice very light stone color.  This must be finished soon.  I'm so tired of staring at blue tape and nice painted walls meeting the old tan ones.  I'd like to get at least the downstairs totally finished before we start on painting the baby's room. 

So there it is.  Our simple preparing of the new baby's nursery has turned my house into a construction zone. 

At 22 weeks our "before baby" list is as follows:
- Install linen closet shelves and door
- Restock closet with linens and the leftover items from the extra bedroom
- Finish painting the remaining three downstairs walls, start painting up the stairs
- Totally gut the extra bedroom, closet included
- Spackle and sand existing closet holes and other wall blemishes
- Paint
- Install chair rail
- Paint chair rail and baseboards
- Wire and install ceiling fan in baby's room
- Install closet organizer in baby's room
- Install new closet doors in baby's room
- Assemble nursery furniture
- Stock and decorate baby's room

phew.  And that doesn't even include that we're going to be taking apart Dominic's crib and dresser and replacing it with a toddler bed and new dresser.  ohmigod.  We have so much to do.


  1. WOW...that makes me tired just thinking about it! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!!!

  2. Your sounds really interesting and catchy. I feel your happiness when you paint your baby's room. Great to share your memorable moments with us.
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