Friday, April 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 24 weeks

I'm well into my 24th week of pregnancy now and baby #2 weighs over a pound. 

I have experienced quite a bit of growth over these last four weeks.  Thankfully I'm still pretty comfortable and able to sleep well.  I was a bit shocked by the amount of weight gain  recorded at my last appointment, even though I remember having a big jump at this same point during my first pregnancy.  Such is life..  I've been trying to make a little bit better choices when it comes to food, but I refuse to deny myself.  haha.  I'm pregnant damnit and I WILL enjoy it.  As a woman, I'll probably fuss over my weight until the day I die.  I reserve the right to call time-out when I'm growing a baby.

We've reached another goal on our ever expanding list of things to do before this child arrives.  The extra bedroom is basically empty and we've purchased paint.  We went with our original plan of blue and purple.  I've got to say that I'm super excited to get started.  The blue we picked out is so bright and calming at the same time, and very girly.  Just looking at the sample dot on the top of the can makes me want to paint the whole room that color.

I've been working on a bright and colorful baby blanket for my summer girl and it's done!!  I happened across this yarn one day and knew it would make a cute blanket.  This is actually my first finished blanket and I can't wait to make more.  I also made a cute hat that matches, but from different yarn.  I'm not normally into a lot of pink but this yarn just reminds me of sunshine :)

Oh, and Dominic is now the proud owner of a big boy toddler bed.  More on that to come in it's own post!

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