Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ramblings and a serious note

First, I'd like to say thank you for the comments left on my recent posts, especially the pregnancy update ones.  We've been really fortunate to get to this place and recently we learned that our second precious baby has also been spared the congenital heart defects I was born with.  It's such a relief to be told that because pregnancy for me means that I am accepting a higher than normal chance of having a child with a heart condition.  So far we've created two children with beautifully perfect hearts.

Speaking of children, usually I hate to brag... but there are some times you just have to sit back in amazement at the little genius standing before you.  Holy crap people!  Dominic has really blown us away lately with how quickly he is learning.  At 28 months he is like a little sponge.  He can now correctly identify and say all of his colors, shapes (circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, diamond), count to twelve, and repeat just about any word we say to him.  The last one has surprised us the most.  It's like he's actively trying to learn new things now, instead of us constantly trying to teach him.  Everywhere we go he's talking.  Constantly.  He's labeling fruit in the grocery store, the food on our plates at dinner, and every shape he spots.  He's been speaking in sentences for a few months now and that's been taken to the next level.  At first it started with him repeating common sentences he heard us say.  Now he thinks about what he's going to say before he says it.  It's amazing.  Ok I'm done ;)

We've been super busy around the house getting things ready for baby.  If you read this post, you know we've got a lot to do.  We accomplished a few things over the weekend.  The linen closet is now complete.  The door is on and painted.  It's fully stocked.  Another wall downstairs is painted, that leaves two more.  We painted two banisters too.  We're moving on to the baby's room now because we have to.  Dominic's new bedroom furniture will be here today.  We've decided that his present for becoming a 'big boy' and moving to a toddler bed will be his very own little fish tank.  We've never had fish but he always seems to be so intrigued whenever we go to someones house that does.  Wish us luck.  I'd hate to have to flush his first fish the day after we bring it home.

Attention Safeway: bring back the yellow plums.  They have stopped carrying them, as if to tease me with their delicious tartness and then yank it away.  Dominic fools me every time we go to the store, shouting, "yellow plums!" from the cart.  I get all excited just to see that he's pointing at the yellow nectarines on the stand where they used to be.  Rats.  Recently I've had to settle for regular plums and while they are tasty, they aren't the same.  Let's fix this Safeway.

It's raining today, but we've seen a recent rise in temperatures.  I cannot express my joy in words.  I go stir crazy being stuck in the house when it's cold and yucky out.  There's nothing worse than dragging a toddler around in the cold/rainy wind.  Warm sunshine means park trips, picnic lunches, and feeding the new ducklings- all great things.  Dominic, like most kids, prefers to be outside enjoying the fresh air.  He's happy as a clam just roaming around poking things with sticks and tossing pebbles.  He constantly asks to go outside or to the park.

Finally, I'd like to turn things serious for a moment.  I was recently introduced to a blog through my friend, Teresa.  She is a follower and was touched by this family's story enough to blog about it.  I checked out the blog myself and and now check in daily for updates.  The blog is about a family whose five year-old girl, Lucy, was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She has had surgery and is now undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.  If ever I need to be reminded of just how fragile and precious a child is, I think of this blog.  My heart breaks for this mother who has to watch her little girl endure terrible things in the fight for her life.  If you have the chance, please visit their blog and keep them in your thoughts.

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  1. Great Blog!!! Thanks for passing on little Lucy's story!!! So glad little baby girl Carbone is healthy!!!


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