Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 2, 2011

Week in Review

What a week it's been.  First off, congratulations to Catherine Middleton for successfully landing the most eligible bachelor in the history of the universe.  Bitch.  Seriously though, I'm just a little bitter about how incredibly aaaaaaah-mazing she looked on her wedding day, given the fact that I could sink a small ship right now.  I loved her dress.  It was stunning, timeless, and classy.  She somehow managed to look modest and sexy at the same time.  Again, Kate, get out of my line of sight. 

We went to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend!  We went to the one in Williamsburg, VA and had a blast.  They have several locations.  If you live near one and have kids, I highly suggest you check it out.  Tip- if you go while pregnant it's best to stay away from the play equipment all together.  Just sit on the edge of the baby pool and don't move.  I speak from experience... a very unfortunate experience.  Dominic climbed up to the top of the baby slides in the kiddie pool area and refused to slide down.  He also refused to move out of the way so other kids could go.  Up I went.  And by up I mean I climbed the three steps taking me to the "top" of a tiny water slide that was nearly parallel with the ground.  My father in law was standing at the bottom waiting to catch Dominic.  I tried to get him to go on his own.  No such luck.  So I decided to sit him on my lap and go down together.

Epic. Fail.  Apparently I underestimated my momentum coming down the slide.  I reached the "bottom" of the slide and tried to put my feet down and stand up... except the rest of me kept going.  I flew forward onto my knees.  Remember that Dominic was on my lap.  So as soon as I hit down on my knees I did a quick turn onto my butt to avoid landing on top of him in the water.  It worked and he was totally fine.  I however waddled out of the kiddie pool with bleeding knees, scraped foot, and scraped hip (from the twist).  ohmigod.  How the hell did I manage to mangle myself on a baby slide in a foot of water?  I guarantee there was a security guard somewhere watching a camera laughing his ass off.  Having to go ask for bandaids at the front desk later that day was also fun.  The staff has to fill out a log anytime medical supplies are issued.  They ask questions like "where did the injury occur" and "how old is the injured person".  Ahem... the baby pool and twenty-four.  Then the girl asks me how many bandaids I need.  I said, "Well, I'm wearing five right now..." to which she replies, "oh God."

Fun fun.  Following the adventure that occurred on day one of our visit, I decided it was best to go the safe route on day two.  I got a massage and left the water park duties to my husband.  Speaking of massage, I highly recommend the Aveda Spa located inside Great Wolf.  The staff was so sweet and the prenatal massage was soooo nice.  I had a nice robe to wear, a hot towel around my neck, and even a little cup of hot tea to sip.  It was such a nice relaxing end to my stay, and it didn't result in loss of blood. 

I got home last night to see that Jillian, one of the sweet ladies behind, delivered her sixth baby early yesterday morning.  Congratulations, girl!  Two of our "real life" friends just had their first baby, also a boy, last week as well.  Congratulations, Gemma and Ryan!  It is Babywatch2011 around here for sure.  Several of my close friends are pregnant with me this time around, which is great because with my first I felt like no one else was in the family way.  Two of my fellow preggos are also bloggers- Jessica from living our love song and Kaley from rogue poags!  They even share a due date.  Topping off the baby news, our good friends Kelly and Roy just announced today that they are also expecting their first.  We are so happy for everyone, especially our friends who just had or who are expecting their first baby.  Being a parent is such an amazing gift and we just know how much joy these little ones bring into the world.  There is no job more gratifying than raising a child.

Finally, I'd like to thank the members of the United States armed forces.  Because of you, my family is a little safer.  The sacrifices that military families make everyday are larger than many of us can imagine.  It's very much appreciated, and not just in light of recent events... always.

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