Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flippity Flop


You know how some people just have a way with plants?  Well those people can go kick rocks.  I have some in my flowerbed they can use. 

Being that I'm home now, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get into the whole 'gardening' thing.  I decided that in addition to our normal spring routine of sprucing up the flower bed in front of our house, I would plant some veggie and fruit yielding plants in the back.  Off we went to our local Home Depot. 

I'll admit, I did no research.  I have no idea what plants are the best for this area (though I'm pretty sure most things grow in Maryland) or when to plant them.  The extent of my knowledge is gained through reading the description on the tags.  In front we planted hostas and whatever else looked pretty and said part shade.  It really looked great when we first got everything in there.  I took no pictures, of course... thinking that I would wait until the plants took root and bloomed a bit more.  Then I would share pictures with the interweb! 

Of course a week or two later (just as they were starting to look really nice) we had about six days straight of monsoon-type rain and wind.  Our gutters flooded, spilling out and turning my pretty little flower bed into a wading pool.  Perfect.  We were pretty sure everything was dead.  Completely un-salvageable.  After a few days of drying out (not sure if that's the correct protocol after a flood but I had nothing to lose at that point), I started to water the flower stumps that remained.  I'm happy to report that most of them have started to perk back up and I might have a decent looking garden soon.  What I don't have is mulch.  All of that washed onto my front lawn.  Whatevs. Here it is-

On to the back yard!  If you've kept up with any of my pregnancy posts, you know how much I've been loving berries this season.  What a great thing to plant!  Then we'll be able to pick them fresh and eat them right away.  Plus, we all know how expensive those little buggers can be.  I got three different berry plants- raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry.  I also got a small tomato plant because I love tomatoes and we go through those like crazy too.  While I was planting, my husband (who was cleaning out the storage shed) came across four little packets of green beans that we were given at the White House Easter Egg roll... last year.  I figured there was no way they were still good, but whattheheck.  I tossed them in the ground too.

The first thing to start growing?  Those damn beans. 

They broke ground so quickly I thought something had gotten into the dirt and dug it up.  My tomato plant wasn't far behind.  It started shooting up quick. 

Neither of those have started growing any actual veggies, but I'm hoping we start to see something soon.  My berries however, don't look so promising.  I've yet to see anything from the strawberry plant at all, the blackberry stick snapped off at ground level and has remained there, and my raspberry plant is literally a stick stuck in dirt.  Those damn beans.


  1. You sound just like me when it comes to plants so I can't offer any good advice. I hope you have better luck than me. :)

  2. I'll admit it: I don't like gardening, so I cope with that problem by closing my eyes every time I walk by my overgrown landscaping. Such a burden to bare :)

  3. you're being a major blog slacker!!


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