Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm so overwhelmed with sweetness these days.  It's been over a month since we welcomed our second little love into the world.  Isla (EYE-la) is doing fantastic.  She is really a sweet baby and is growing and thriving.  She was born at just under seven pounds and is now about eleven.  She's a really great nurser :)  She's a pretty easy girl.  As long as her tummy is full and bottom is dry, she's usually happy. 

Dominic has done well adjusting to his new life and sharing the spotlight.  We've had a few predictable bumps in the road- extra tantrums, potty accidents.  Overall though, he's been great.  He is so interested in what his baby sister is doing and how he can help.  The most adorable thing he does is tell everyone that he's a big brother.  We were at the grocery store a couple weeks after Isla was born and he announced to the cashier that he was a big brother with a huge grin on his face.  So cute.

There are sometimes moments that completely knock me off my feet with love.  He really loves his new little sister.  At bedtime each night we all go into his room for storytime.  I sometimes prop Isla up in Dominic's Mickey Mouse chair to sit while we are getting him into pajamas, etc.  Last week we were going through our normal routine and he stops what he was doing and goes over to his chair where Isla was sleeping.  He crouches down and gets right up to her face.  We thought he was going to kiss her, so we just watched him.  We hear him whisper, "I love you." and then he picks up a stuffed puppy and sits it next to her.  I am crying just reliving the moment.  It was an incredibly beautiful thing to see as a parent, something I will never forget.  I'm glad it happened in front of both my husband and I because words don't give it justice.  I'm glad we both witnessed it.
Adjusting to my new life as a mom of two hasn't been the easiest.  I swear the hardest thing for me is getting out of the house... and I hate to just slug around.  I can only stay in for so long before I get stir crazy.  It takes me so long to get everything together.  By the time I feed the baby, feed Dominic, shower, get us all dressed, take Dominic potty, find both of his shoes, pack him a snack and a sippy, and start to head out the door, it's time to feed the baby again.  Phew.  I know this chaos wil fade.  I remember feeling like this when Dominic was younger and he was the only one I had!  How easy that was! 

For now I just do what I can and try to take it all in.  I can't believe how quickly they are growing and I know these days will soon pass.  I am so lucky to be where I am right now.

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