Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Favorites

A compilation of my new Fall go-to items..

Daily Perk- O Organics French Roast coffee pods and Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer

I'm on a regular ole coffee kick right now.  Nothing fancy, just the basic perk needed to keep this circus running.  I'm loving the O Organics coffee pods because they are inexpensive and use less plastic than traditional k-cups.  There is no outer shell, just the foil, plastic ring, and a little filter holding the coffee grinds.  At first I was a little leery putting them into my Keurig, but they work perfectly!  Coffee-mate delivers exactly what I want with the Natural Bliss creamers.  It's basically the lazy way to just put regular cream and sugar into your coffee.  I'll take it :)

Baby- Seventh Generation bath and lotion products
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you may recall that my little Maisy was suffering from what I thought was a bad case of long-lasting baby acne.  It turns out that she was having a reaction to the baby soap and lotion I was using on her, even though it was supposed to be "natural"!  I felt terrible!  I ended up switching her to Seventh Generation baby soap and lotion and she immediately cleared up.  I am currently obsessed with this stuff.  Her skin is so incredibly soft and smooth from her head down to her piggies.  If your baby is suffering from dry or bumpy skin, I highly recommend you try this stuff!  *Disclaimer- Over the summer I hosted a Healthy Baby home party for Seventh Generation and in return I received many samples of their products, including baby soap, lotion, laundry detergent, facial cleansing wipes, and diapers.  The positive opinion is truly my own and I have since purchased Seventh Generation products after seeing the results.*

Kid- The "Dreamer" Tee by Passive Juice Motel
The Kids Dreamer Tee is so awesome.  In a world where some of us battle inappropriate kid's clothing (think "chick magnet" and "diva" ...ew) I fell in love with this design from Passive Juice Motel.  Dominic is my dreamer child and this shirt is perfect on him :)

Cooking- Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces
Around this time each year, I really get into crockpot meals.  Something about the seasons changing and cooler weather lends itself to the smell of a delicious dinner that's been simmering all day long.  I'm always on the lookout for new dinner ideas.  Don't we all hate the dinner rut?  While shopping one day, I came across these slow cooker sauces.  My local grocery store had a deal- 2/$4, so I went ahead and picked up both the Tavern Style Pot Roast and the Hawaiian Luau.  Out of this world.  Both of them.  I've had issues in the past with less-than-appealing pot roasts.  Mine seem to turn out dry and kinda bland.  Not this time.  I was so pleased with the flavor of this roast!  I put the meat along with carrots and onions in the crock pot and poured the sauce on top.  No other liquid needed.  So flavorful!  The Hawaiian Luau flavor says to add pork, but I am not the biggest pork fan, so I made ours with chicken breasts.  Cooked, shredded, and served over rice, this was amazing!  My husband and I enjoyed these meals so much, I decided to try more.  The next one I bought turned out to be our overall favorite- Mexican Red Chile Taco.  So so good.  Think a saucy barbacoa.  I served it over lime rice with a black bean and corn salsa.  These sauces do not disappoint.

Health/Beauty- Colgate SlimSoft Toothbrush
I am really particular about my toothbrush choices.  I hate rough bristles and bulky handles.  That's why I am loving the new SlimSoft toothbrush by Colgate.  The bristles are 17x thinner to be able to clean deep down into tight spaces.  It's so awesome because the brush is SO soft, yet your mouth feels like it's had a massage at the end of brushing.  The handle is nice and lightweight, so no bulky toothbrush that doesn't fit into the holder.  We all know how annoying that is.  *Disclaimer- I participated in the SlimSoft VoxBox program via Influenster and in return I received a toothbrush along with a sample of Colgate Optic White toothpaste to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.*

Style- Merona Women's Long Sleeve Ultimate V-Tee
I heart stripes.  I also love a good deal.  I'm so happy I found this super soft and comfy tee at my local Target (aka Mom heaven).  It satisfies all my simple style requirements- comfort, fun color, and I can totally breastfeed in it because it's a V neck.  You see where my priorities lie.

Etsy Find- Baltic Amber Gift Shop
I've been a fan of baltic amber healing necklaces for a long time.  Dominic started wearing his necklace when I discovered them around 18 months.  I bought his necklace, and later bought one for myself and Isla both from a more traditional retailer.  While I was happy with the quality, they were a bit pricey.  Fast forward to this summer and Dominic finally broke his necklace that he wore daily the last three years.  He claimed he was not himself without his necklace and insisted that we get him another exactly like the one he had.  Since I was also due with my third, I knew I'd be needing an additional necklace soon too.  I started shopping for a new baltic retailer on etsy to compare pricing since I would be buying two at once.  I came across Baltic Amber Gift Shop and was impressed by all the positive reviews.  Add to that the prices were very reasonable.  I was able to find a necklace exactly like Dominic's broken one, along with a lighter colored, more girly style.  Both necklaces together cost me about what one costs from our previous retailer.  The necklaces came FAST all the way from Lithuania and were of great quality.  They are exactly as pictured and I couldn't be happier.  Highly recommended seller! 

Happy Hour- Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
Not much elaboration needed.  This stuff is delish and perfect for a relaxing fall night.  Mmm.

What are your favorite Fall products?  Is there anything on this list you've tried?  Let me know what you would add in the comments!

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