Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving craft- Handprint Turkey Painted Block

If you're like me, you love kids handprint art.  You also probably have stacks of construction paper craft projects that build up because you hate throwing them away.  Eventually, some of it has to go.  Paper projects just don't hold up over the years and have a short display-life.  I wanted to do a little something different this year with the classic handprint turkey.  I decided to make a wood block that could be stored and put back up for many years to come.  It was really simple and I love how it turned out.

Step 1: "wash" paint onto a wood block slightly larger than your child's hand.  The process of washing paint is super easy.  You just basically water down acrylic paint so that when you brush it onto a wooden surface, some of the grain shows through.  I really like the effect of this when I want a softer background.  I used a light blue color to contrast the earthy colors of the turkey.  Let this dry for about 10 minutes.  It doesn't take long.

Step 2: Trace your child's hand onto paper.  This is to ensure you get a good outline without risking your freshly painted block.  

Step 3: Lay the paper with the hand tracing on top of your wood block.  Using a ball point pen, trace your outline onto the block using enough pressure to make an indent into the wood.  Remover paper.

Step 4: Using the outline indent as a guide, carefully paint your turkey.  I used a nice reddish brown for the body and fall colors for the feathers.  Add simple feet, a triangle for the beak, and a red gobble thing... whatever that is.  Done!  Just let it dry and put it up to display.  

I used my two year old's hand for this, so I wrote her name and "2013" on the back.  I look forward to setting this out for many Thanksgivings to come as a reminder of just how little her hands were.

*For even more durability, you can spray the wood block with a clear coat of paint after it dries.  This will protect your turkey during storage.*

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