Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cozy Coffee Nook

For a while now I've wanted to do something to use our extra counter in the kitchen.  The problem was, there wasn't an outlet there so I couldn't put anything useful on it.  Finally, my handy hub agreed that it would be nice to move some of our countertop clutter to the other side of the kitchen.  He assured me that putting an outlet in wouldn't be too difficult. 

I began scouring Pinterest, naturally, for ideas.  I kept landing on coffee nook pins and was drawn to the idea of a "station" to keep all my mugs (I have a small mug collection) and coffee maker.  My mind was set.  

The weekend before they were doing the actual outlet placement, I took a trip to Michael's for supplies.  I bought three unfinished wooden peg boards (with four pegs each), a large white letter "C", a can of dark wine-ish purple spray paint, and a magnetic dry erase monthly calendar.  I also bought hanging bracket kits for the peg boards.  I went to work when I got home.  I painted the boards and the letter.  I had everything prepped so that everything could be assembled the day the outlet went in.  

Much to my pleasant surprise, it took them just minutes to place the new outlet in (how did we not do this before??).  Then, Jeff hung the pegs and the letter.  I had a 3-D "latte" wall art piece that was above my stove that I decided I wanted to move over to my coffee nook.  I switched it with a small tile square that used to be above the extra counter.  I also had him hang the new calendar on the adjacent wall so that I could easily take it down and out it back up. 

I am totally in love with how this turned out!!  It's definitely one of my favorite places in my house now.  Plus, it gets my fun mugs out of the cabinet where they were taking up space and into the open where I can properly enjoy them ;)

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