Friday, January 17, 2014

Dominic turns FIVE

Last month my oldest baby reached that huge milestone- five.  He is such an awesome kid and we had a great time celebrating him.  He's always had a great sense of humor... telling jokes as soon as he could talk!  He makes us laugh every day and we're so thankful he's ours :)

This year our "big" present to Dominic was that Jeff was taking him to a Caps game.  This kid loves going to see the Washington Capitals play.  He was so excited to go with just his dad and to take some of his birthday money along and shop in the Fan Store.

We had his birthday party at Kid's First Swim School for the second year in a row.  The kids had an absolute blast.  It's always a fun time swimming around in a 90 degree room in December.  A BIG shout out to Kid's First for being such an awesome venue.  I highly recommend them to anyone, but especially if you are planning a dreaded winter birthday.  Options are so limited.  Being able to plan my own party and entertain 20+ kids is so easy there.  We've tried other venue options and I never liked having a party managed by employees.  At KF we just do our own thing in their space, though they provide pool toys and a lifeguard on duty!  Win! 

All in all he had a great birthday.  This year has been crazy with us welcoming a third child and I hope we are always able to show each of them how special they are to us.

Happy 5th Birthday, Bud! :)


  1. My daughter's birthday is in February, so finding good party ideas is tough! We're doing The Kitchen Studio in Frederick for her 9th birthday this year - should be really fun!

    1. That sounds so cool! I hope she has a great time :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And yes, I think it's time for us to start thinking beyond the bouncy place...

    1. Thank you, Oren! He says next year he wants a bouncy place party. LOL We'll see I guess!


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