Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Foods

Our little Maisy has reached a big milestone!  She is exclusively breastfed and at almost six months old, she is ready for her first tastes of solid food. 

It's really just for fun at this point.  The majority of her nutrition will come from milk until she's about a year old.  The question is, would I try purees or take a more baby led weaning approach?  With her older sister, Isla, we did a combo of the two.  I started her with homemade pureed foods and added in "real" foods whenever she took interest.  I have friends who do full on baby led weaning but I just cannot get over my fear of choking in order to skip purees all together.  Plus, it's hard for me to think of appropriate things for her at this age!  Maybe some of you could help me out with this.  Ideas?  You'd think she was my first but it's really hard to remember what my other two ate and at what age.

For now, we are trying some puréed foods.  For her first taste about a week ago, I blended sweet potatoes with a little of my milk to thin them out.  She was not a fan.  Ha!  I think it had less to do with the taste and more that it was just a brand new experience and she got a little overwhelmed.  Either way, I don't think she injested any of it.  Since then, about once a day or every other day, I've let her try something new.  I did try sweet potatoes again and got a slightly better reaction.  All in all, there hasn't really been much success at this point.  She is still learning to open her mouth for the spoon and new foods seem to just surprise her more than anything.  

So far we've tried sweet potato, peas, bananas, applesauce, and squash.  She's also had a couple tastes of my Greek yogurt.  

What are your thoughts on a baby's first food?  Do you do purees or baby led weaning?  Do you have any suggestions for me as we start this phase?  


  1. My kids are older, and when they were babies I hadn't yet stumbled upon www.babyledweaning.com. Had I, I would have gone that route. :-) But, we did purees instead. The other thing I would've done differently is skip the grains until they were over a year old, something I didn't learn about until recently.

    I breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months as well (and beyond a year!), great job!

    1. Yes Liza I've been browsing that site for ideas! SO neat! See, she hasn't had any grains, but her pediatrician just said to me that I should be giving her some fortified infant cereal every day for the iron. Hmmm... And way to go mama! With my first, I only nursed him for about five months until I went back to work full time. I've been home with both girls and determined to avoid formula completely. I nursed Isla until 17 months (was three months preg with Maisy) then weaned her. I was so happy with how things played out. I'm aiming to nurse Maisy at least as long. So worth it!

  2. With Liza I did a mixture of both. I started out with the purees with the cereal mixed in (she liked her food "chunky"). Soon after she started taking interest in what I was eating so I would feed her the softer foods. Some bits of green beans, mashed potatoes, little pieces of chicken and then it just evolved from there. There are still foods I don't feed her but now with only 2 teeth and turning 1 tomorrow, she eats pretty much everything. She was exclusively breastfed for the first 5 months and until she was 10 months old. Good luck!!!

    1. Jennifer, that sounds a lot like what we did with Isla, but Isla loved purees! She took to them from the very beginning. Happy Birthday to your girl! :)


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