Friday, February 14, 2014

Six Months of Maisy

Our smallest boo is a whole HALF a YEAR.  Someone hold me.  Here is a look back at her monthly photos.  

 8lbs 2oz, 20.75" born on July 29, 2013

estimated- 10lbs of the sweetest cuddly baby ever.

11lbs 7oz, 23.25"

estimate- 13lbs :)

14lbs 8oz, 25.5" and first tooth arrived 12/20/13

estimate- 15lbs She's rolling over has a second tooth

16lbs 6oz, 26" she's sitting up by herself and tried food for the first time!

Monthly stickers from Heads Up Girls Baby.

Somehow after being an AMAZING sleeper from 6 weeks - about 4 months (10 hours a night usually) she has become a terrible sleeper.  She is waking multiple times a night and I am seriously exhausted.  It started with the arrival of her first tooth between 4 and 5 months and has been one thing or another since then.  We also aren't quite sure of the best sleeping place for her either, so that isn't helping.  From the beginning she was sleeping most of the time in a rock and play sleeper next to my bed.  About a month ago, she seemed like she was getting too big for it and uncomfortable in there.  I tried just having her sleep the full night in bed with me, but she seemed to wake often from myself or my husband moving around.  Not very restful for anyone.  Now I've moved her to a small co-sleeping bed next to ours, but she still isn't sleeping very well.  I'm not sure what the solution is, but I hope we see some improvement soon.

In other more fun news, Maisy's humor blog Maisy Thinks got a super cool shout out from The Baby Guy on his FB, Instagram, and Twitter pages.  SO NEAT.  

If you haven't visited her page, you should!  On instagram you can find her posts under #MaisyThinks.

She has also tried some purees and soft foods.  THANK YOU to those who commented some great advice on my post about her first solid foods.  She is still young and learning, but I think she is actually swallowing the occasional bite.  LOL.  I'm in no rush and with her being my third and final baby I find myself repeating this mantra- it's a beautiful thing to look at a wonderfully plump and healthy six month old and think, "I did that.  My body grew you from a speck."  Amazing, isn't it?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recipe: Vitamin C Green Smoothie

I finally got a magic bullet blender!  Jeff got it for me for Christmas.  I am so excited to be able to quickly make individual drinks and smoothies.  I had a regular blender before and it was such a hassle to estimate the amounts I was tossing in and then wash the big pitcher. Such a mess.  Naturally, I started browsing Pinterest to find smoothie recipes to try out.  Unfortunately it seems like every smoothie I found had banana.  Well, I'm allergic to banana!  I ended up putting together a pretty simple and delicious green smoothie recipe to help kick the winter cold germs OUT.  

I blended:
- Simply Orange OJ
- 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
- handful of frozen pineapple chunks 
- handful of baby spinach
- 4 or 5 ice cubes

You can play around with the amounts to find something you enjoy, but the kiwi and baby spinach should give you a nice green color.  The tartness of the orange juice and fruits is so nice to fight off the winter blues!

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