Monday, April 7, 2014

Lost in Translation

Kids are so literal.  Dominic in particular has always been one to say what's on his mind.  He is also one to pick out the one "bad" thing that may have happened and never let it go.  Mini pessimist perhaps?  Sometimes we have to investigate to get the whole story because we know it doesn't always come across.  But we know that, he's been talking to us for four years.  You know who doesn't know all of his little isms?  His teachers.  So sometimes things like this happen..

[convo at dinner]

Jeff- So what did you do at school today?
Dominic- (goes off into several stories, games, etc.) ...and we said what we sometimes worry about.
[ok.. odd.. But again, I'm sure something led to this]
J- ok... So what did you say?
D- I said I sometimes worry when you forget to buckle my car seat.
Jeff & I- what??
[I mean what?!?!]
D- you know, that time at Target.

And now the explanation that I know his teachers got none of:
When I had my old car, Dominic used to hop in and put his straps on while I got the girls buckled into their seats.  Then I'd get in my seat, turn around, and buckle his straps.  MONTHS ago, I hopped in, turned the car on, and put it in reverse, forgetting to buckle him.  The car didn't even move before he yelled that he wasn't clipped in.  Repeat- the car didn't even move.  I threw it back into park, clipped his buckles, and thanked him profusely for telling me before we went anywhere.  It's no secret that I'm a car seat safety fanatic.  He's five and still in a 5pt harness.  Car safety is something I take very seriously.  

But his teachers don't know that.  Thanks to his little story, I can only imagine their thoughts.  

But don't worry, this goes both ways.  

[again at dinner... I see a trend]

Dominic- Ms{teacher} made us eat lunch with the lights off today.
Jeff- what?
D- We ate in the dark.

Guantanamo, right?  I mean why?? 

Because, this was the week before their field trip to the Natural History Museum and his teachers thought it would be fun to let the kids watch the panda cam on the class smart board while they ate.  So, naturally, the teachers turned down the lights so they could SEE.  

The horror.  

Damn those pandas are cute.

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