Saturday, April 5, 2014

Protecting Your Belongings with Mabel's Labels

Time sure flies and here we are, looking forward to registering Dominic for kindergarten.  Like real school.  Big school.  We live in a fairly urban area, so we aren't talking about a class of 10 kids.  There will likely be about 25 kids in his class, with his class being one of a few.  All day, everyday!  There is just no way a single teacher can remember whose jacket is whose and who brought what pair of mittens.  So what's a mom to do to prevent her child's personal belongings from ending up at the bottom of a crowded lost-and-found bin? Easy- Mabel's Labels.

Mabel's Labels are fun, permanent labels for just about anything.  From Mabel's Labels:
We’re Mabel’s Labels, award-winning creators of high quality labels for the stuff kids lose! ® As four moms frustrated by our children’s belongings leaving home, never to return, we decided to create the very best personalized, waterproof name labels and tags possible. Since our start in 2003, we’ve continued to build on this commitment to excellence and our growing line now features child safety products, household labels and seasonal items. We sell worldwide through our website and across N. America via fundraisers at schools, daycares, camps and other organizations. Select products in our Write Away!™ line are available at Canadian Walmart stores and, in the US, at Target.

I was so excited to get the opportunity to try these labels.  I showed Dominic all of the designs and let him pick out his favorite.  Not surprisingly, he chose the Rocket Ship.  We ordered the Basic Label kit in the Rocket Ship design with just his first name.  They turned out great!

The Basic Label Kit retails for $34.95 and includes:
- 24 Skinny Minis (dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for lunch box items)
- 42 Tag Mates (washer and dryer safe, perfect for clothing)
- 8 Shoe Labels (waterproof and UV resistant)
- 2 Bag Tags (metal dag tag style)

If you have a child in school or day care, I encourage you to check out Mabel's Labels to protect their belongings.  There are many designs and colors to choose from and you're sure to find something to fit your needs.  If you save even one winter coat or pair of shoes, the kit has paid for itself.

I'd like to thank Mabel's Labels and House Party's Chatterbox program for letting me be a part of this campaign.  This came at a perfect time for our busy family and I was thoroughly impressed with this product.

*Disclaimer- I was provided one Basic Label kit in my choice of design from Mabel's Labels and Chatterbox in exchange for my honest review and social media promotion.  All opinions expressed are my own*

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