Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Jessica Lacey Photography Rewind

A few weeks back, my friend Jessica took Maisy's nine month photos.  I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from the session.  If you are in the Southern Maryland area, please do yourself a favor and look up Jessica Lacey Photography.  I've been extremely fortunate to have her capture so many important times in my family's life.  In fact, I think it would be fun to count backwards in photos from all of our sessions..

A few from Maisy's 9 month session..

And a sweet Nursing pic..


From Maisy's Newborn Session..

Maisy's Birthday..

Maternity with Maisy..

my "big" kids with Isla's 2 year pic too..

Isla's 1 year session..

with a family beach pic..

Isla's 6 month session..

Family Fall Pics..

with Dominic's 3 year pics too..

Isla's Newborn session..

Maternity with Isla..

Crazy to see the progression!!

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  1. I loved this post! So fun to see the growth of your family and her skills!!! :) I just love that nursing photo and your maternity sessions. It's funny Dr. Aaron has the same happy smile on his face with my birth photos of Ryker. Love that guy!

    1. Love him too!! It is crazy because even though Jess was a good photographer way back when, her skill is incredible now!


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