Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garden Progress- 4 weeks in

We're four weeks post planting here so I figure a progress update is in order.  If you'd like to read about the results of our garden last year and this year's plans, you can check out this post.  All in all, things are going very well.  We are primarily using the "Nature's Care" brand products by Miracle Grow.  All supplies and plants were purchased at our local Home Depot.  This is just a run of the mill backyard garden that anyone is capable of.  

I'll preface these pictures by saying that about a week ago, a certain two year old got a hold of the scissors I was using to open an additional bag of potting soil while planting potted flowers.  Unfortunately, some plants received a "haircut".  A couple of the strawberry plants were basically cut down to stumps.  The banana pepper plant was also nearly snipped clean off.  I'm hoping they will recover since the roots are still intact and fine.  We'll see.  Also, one of my tomato plants was cut in half.  They grow so quickly I'm not really worried about that one.

So here's my main raised bed and smaller strawberry bed four weeks post plant..

And here are my potted plants..

We're doing pretty well!  We aren't in the harvest stage yet, but I think we're close to it with the tomatoes and some of the strawberries.  My green beans also seem to be doing particularly well.  I grew them a couple years ago with great results so I'm excited about their potential this year too.

As far as pest control goes, I picked up these two products:

I'm hoping this protects us effectively.  The real test will come when my plants start to produce!

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