Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pre-K Grad!

Can you even handle it?  This dapper little dude has just been promoted to kindergarten!  

We were so relieved last summer when we learned that Dominic had gotten into our first choice Pre-Kindergarten program.  When I first applied days after they opened registration, they were already wait listed so I was kind of stressed that none of the other schools I toured quite measured up.  This year definitely lived up to my expectations and he just loved his class.  

I've mentioned it before and I really swear I'm not bragging or exaggerating- Dominic is our brainiac child.  Isla is super smart and impresses me everyday too, don't get me wrong... but there are things Dominic says/does/remembers that are just shocking.  

(Side note, he was playing with a calculator the other day and was quite literally giggling with excitement as he computed large numbers.  I felt like I was watching five year-old Bryce Harper pick up a baseball bat)

So basically I was looking for a school that would actually challenge him and not just be a daycare.  According to his teacher at his end of the year parent conference, he was already "ready" for kindergarten last fall.  He has learned so much since then and is sure to have a great start to his official schooling.  At this point, it's our job to keep him challenged through the summer so he can continue to excel next year. 

His school had a cute graduation/promotion ceremony and it was kind of sad knowing that he won't be going to kindergarten with any of his friends from this year.  He made a couple of really good friends in particular that we're going to keep in touch with.

Dominic with his teachers and BFF "P" :)

To commemorate this occasion we took an awful family photo.  I mean seriously.  Jeff and Maisy look good, but my eyes are half closed, Isla is pitching a fit and turned around, and Dominic is pulling her pigtail.  Basically it's a fair representation I guess.

Now we enjoy our summer and prep for the big K next fall!!  Eeeep!!

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