Monday, June 23, 2014


If you follow me on instagram you may have gathered that recently I earned another badge of motherhood.  Or maybe my kids earned a badge of childhood.  So this is how it went down..

Around noon on Friday I did what I do nearly every single day- I left my big kids downstairs watching cartoons and took Maisy upstairs to nurse her down for her nap.  Every day is the same, I turn on a show to keep them occupied and plead with them to stay quiet and out of trouble long enough for me to get Maisy to sleep.  I tell them I'll be back down in just a few minutes, before their show is even over.  I always am.

After laying Maisy down, I started walking back down the stairs and I hear, "come back Isla, you're not done yet!" 

*walking faster now*

As I hit the bottom step I look around and basically just wanted to escape from my life.  I see a moving box pushed up against the cabinets (more on why we're moving coming soon), kitchen scissors on the floor (taken from the cannister along the back of the counter that holds our knives), and hair literally f*cking EVERYWHERE.  Cue mental breakdown.  When I left them, Isla had her hair in two pigtails.  Now she had one.  Dominic... I can't even..

I sent this text to my husband:

He immediately called back and said he was coming home.

There was so much hair everywhere that I could even tell how much damage was done to Isla until I got her upstairs and started coming through it.  

Unfortunately, as I combed, more and more loose hair was just falling in clumps.  She had some long strands and several spots all over her head that were cut pretty much down to her scalp.  There was nothing I could do to even it out totally.

I did cut a bit straight across the back so that she didn't have a rat tail hanging down.  Other than that, it will just have to grow. 

Dominic just had to be buzzed, which honestly isn't that big of a deal because 1) it's summer
2) he's a boy

THANKFULLY their hair grows super fast.  Oh, and no one was injured or maimed.  But, mostly I am concerned that my kids not look like side-show freaks.  Just thinking about isla's long beautiful hair gone gives me high blood pressure.  

In the last couple days I've mostly gotten over it (after vacuuming every square inch of my downstairs about six times).  So many people have shared their similar funny stories and assured me that it happens to almost everyone.  Also, I'm kinda glad it happened during the summer with a couple months before she starts preschool.  And she's two, so she isn't as upset about it as she would have been at say, six.  She was actually pretty upset initially, but once I cut the back of it, she thought it was "fixed" and was totally fine.

So that's why my kids are suddenly looking a little different ;)

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