Friday, June 27, 2014

Stay Cool, Baby- featuring Julbo USA and Zipzicles

In true Maryland fashion, the summertime has hit us suddenly and it is HOT.  Still, I refuse to stay cooped up inside going stir crazy.  While we do regularly take breaks inside to enjoy the a/c, we try to get outside and stay active as much as possible.  

We do what we can to combat the harsh sun and high temps- sunglasses are a must.  Julbo USA makes high-quality sunglasses for everyone, using the same protective lenses in their children's sunglasses as they do in adult's.  Their lenses are Category 4.  This means that they are UV A, UV B, and UV C resistant when other competitors and imitators are not.  Why is this crucial?  Young children look UP at the world.  Their delicate eyes are exposed more directly to the sun's rays.  

Still, it can be challenging to keep sunglasses on an active toddler.  Julbo USA "Looping 3" model features a flexible looping design for a comfortable and secure fit.  Featuring a wrap-around reversible frame (can be worn right side up or upside down), no hinges, and a flat elastic strap, they are easy to use and comfortable. 

Dominic is extremely pleased with his new sunglasses!  They stay put without being too tight on him.  And I must say, something about these sporty glasses make his little buzzed noggin look extra cool.  Julbo USA graciously sent us his pair, along with an additional pair of sunglasses to forward on to one lucky winner.

One of you will receive this pair of Julbo USA Baby "Looping 3" glasses in Lilac/Pink.  

This brings us to our favorite summertime treat.. with a new twist!  Recently I wrote an article for POPSUGAR about fun and free activities for preschoolers.  In this post I included "Popsicle Making" because it's something my kids and I do regularly.  I like to make our own because I can fill them with real fruits and juices instead of dyes and artificial flavors.  The downside to traditional popsicle molds is that they are drippy, messy, and usually only make about four pops at a time.  I stumbled upon Zipzicles one night while looking for a better alternative.  You guys, genius.  

They are basically long and skinny pouches that you fill with your own ingredients and freeze. They work just like a traditional ice pop in that you just push them up from the bottom and eat.  They are resealable in the event that a kid doesn't finish the whole pop.  They can also be rinsed out and reused.  No sticks, no drips, all real ingredients.  They come in packs of twelve so I was actually able to make three different kinds of pops using one package.  

I made "Fudge Pops" using just pureed banana and cocoa powder, "Tropical Pops" with strawberries, pineapple, and coconut water blended together, and then I even made a "Sangria Pop" with strawberries, pineapple, and red wine.  So there's that option too, Moms.  The possibilities are endless.  In fact, they have a ton of fun recipe ideas here.   I highly recommend using a small funnel to fill your pouches.

Zipzicles is kindly offering one pack each of resealable popsicle pouches to THREE winners.

Please enter via the widget below.  One winner will receive a pair of Julbo USA "Looping 3" sunglasses in Lilac/Pink AND a pack of Zipzicles resealable Popsicle pouches.  Two runners up will each win a pack of Zipzicles resealable Popsicle pouches. 

*Disclaimer- I was provided Julbo USA sunglasses and Zipzicles to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.  

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  1. We stick a small pool in the backyard and jump in! Sprinklers too!

  2. Defiantly had to invest in a small pool this year! And lots of ice water!

  3. Baby pool, water guns and plastic tubs filled with water and treasures and then frozen. Kids can then excavate them outside!

  4. you will usually find us at our town pool haning out with our friends.

  5. Pool in the back yard with water guns and ice water and sand sensory boxes


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