Friday, July 18, 2014

Cabana Life Review & Giveaway

I'll start this review by stating the obvious.  Our youngest daughter, Maisy, hit the recessive gene jackpot.  This blue-eyed, white-haired beauty was born into our predominantly Italian family.  Though not a total mystery (Jeff and I each have one blue-eyed parent), she is just so different from our first two children.  Something else obvious since birth- super fair skin.  Fair skin is something I just haven't dealt with much.  Sure, we apply sunscreen to our other kids.  But I've never thought to myself, "gosh it's really sunny out.. maybe I shouldn't take them with me to the mailbox."  Until now.  

She's extremely prone to sunburn.  We have to be vigilant about keeping her protected.  Even with SPF 50 I felt like the hand-me-down bathing suits from Isla weren't really ample.  We spend a lot of time at the pool and I felt she needed a bit more protection.  While searching for rashguard sets I came across

Cabana Life offers stylish swim suits, rash guards, cover ups, accessories, and beachwear for the whole family.  I was absolutely thrilled to get to put Cabana Life's 50+ UV protection to the test!  

Can I just say that I'm bordering obsession over these coordinating suits?  Maisy got the Mod Squad rashguard set and Isla got the Mod Squad 1 piece and cover up set.

I ordered Maisy the rashguard in size 12-18 months.  I was a little worried that it might be hot because the sleeves were a bit longer than the typical short-sleeved rashguard sets we've used in the past.  When I opened the package I was actually shocked at how soft and airy it was.  I knew we wouldn't have any temperature or constricting issues.  Another plus I didn't even anticipate was the button closure around the collar.  Sometimes getting fitted fabric over a baby's head can be difficult... and let's not forget that it often has to come off while wet.  Being able to unbutton it made changing her easy.  The sizing was spot on.  The bottoms were secure but I anticipate she'll be able to wear it for a while.  

I ordered Isla the matching 1 piece and cover up set in size 3T.  The swimsuit is the same super light and breathable material as the rashguard.  The style of the suit is just adorable.  The one-shoulder look.  THE RUFFLE.  I'd say the suit runs true to size, perhaps slightly small.  She is a fairly petite 3T and it fit her perfectly.  Most of her other suits that are size 3T are actually a little big, for reference.  If your child is in between I'd recommend going up one size just so you can be sure to get plenty of wear out of their suit.  Bonus- this was a set that included a terry cover up.  Isla absolutely hates wet clothing so once she's done swimming, she wants her suit OFF.  I know most people would probably use the cover up over top of the suit, but we used it as a suit replacement ;)

Cabana Life has been featured in multiple magazines including People, Shape, Marie Claire, Glamour, Babytalk, and many more.  Now one of you will get the opportunity to shop with a $50 store credit!

*Disclosure- I was provided with a store credit to shop and order the girls' suits for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Definitely a rash guard for the girls! I can not find long sleeved ones anywhere and they both, especially Everly are very sensitive to the sun.

  2. Oh my gosh I love them def love the rash gaurd

  3. I'd love to get harper a long sleeve rash guard!

  4. One of the cute cover ups like the coral mosaic boat neck cover up

  5. that anchors away set, omg! or the crabby one …gah. or maybe i'd be selfish and order something for myself … i need a new coverup!

  6. love this one:

  7. I'd love to get the orange crush 1 pc!



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