Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maisy is ONE

Our youngest baby isn't such a baby anymore!  

Maisy Elizabeth turned one at the end of July.  She's such a lovey girl and it's been bittersweet watching her grow into a happy and silly toddler.  

The Stats:

-She's 19 lbs 8oz and 29" tall (my biggest one year-old believe it or not).

-She had a whopping TEN teeth by her birthday, and she's already gotten number eleven in the two weeks since.

-She's "cruising" around furniture and walking holding our hands but not independently yet.  This is to be expected, I've yet to have a child walk by 12 months.  If I had to predict I would say she'll most likely fall somewhere between Isla (who walked just a few weeks after her birthday) and Dominic (who walked at 16 months).

-She is VERY verbal, following after her brother.  We noticed super early on that she would imitate the sounds and faces we made.  She says the basics "mama", "dada", "no no", "yay", "wow" along with a super cute "this!!" when she sees something she wants to eat or drink.  She says those things unprompted and will make many other word sounds by following us.  She also can semi-follow the ABC song's main points.  haha.
-She claps and waves.

-Aaaaaand she dances.  It's adorable.  She's always doing some sort of wiggle or bounce.  She will dance to anything- whether its a song on the radio, a commercial jingle, or someone's cell phone ringing.  One of these days I'm going to catch her moves on video.

-She's still just as blond and blue eyed as ever.  Everywhere we go it seems like someone stops to exclaim how much hair she has for it being so light.  All of my kids have had a lot of hair, so it seems normal to me!

On her actual birthday we just had a tiny little celebration for her.  We took her to eat at Chick Fil A (only the best for my baby) and brought a little ice cream cake with us for dessert.  My mom came too.  We had already planned a joint pool party for both girls the following weekend, but wanted to do something to mark her actual birth date.  

OBVIOUSLY Isla is still recovering from "the hair incident".

As she gets older, we're actually seeing less and less of her signature #grumpycat face.

Happy Birthday, sweet Maisy!!  It seems like just yesterday we were meeting you for the first time..

..and yet it feels like you've always been a part of our family.  You made us complete and we love you!

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