Monday, August 11, 2014

Medieval Times Maryland

Last month we took a break right in the middle of moving to spend a night out together as a family.  With all the chaos that is currently our life, it was definitely needed.  We took a short trip up to the Medieval Times Baltimore/DC Castle for an exciting dinner and show!  Neither Jeff or I have ever been to a Medieval Times show so we really weren't sure what to expect.  My friend Kaley has been several times and her boys love it, so I was especially excited to take Dominic.  

We arrived shortly before the show time and waited at the box office to pick up our seat assignment cards.  I was surprised to see just how many people were already there waiting, but luckily the line moved quickly and soon we were inside.  We took a commemorative photo with the Castle Princess and snapped a couple quick photos of our own.  Jeff noticed several people walking around with large mugs of beer and we were both happy that adult beverages were available.  Just saying..!

Dominic was really getting excited at that point.  People were walking around in costume, there were swords, he was wearing a crown that the guy at the front specifically told him was a *king's* crown.  It was only a short few minutes before our color and section was called to sit.  We filed into our front row seats (thanks Medieval Times!!) and got settled.

All three of my kids loved the show, but each for different reasons.  Dominic was jumping up and down cheering for our Green Knight during the competition.  Isla was a little overwhelmed at the volume (it really wasn't too loud, but it took a little while to get her to warm up) but LOVED the horses.  She's really in love with horses right now and she was mesmerized.  Maisy cracked us up most of all.  She clapped nonstop the entire time and I'm not even exaggerating.  Too cute!

We were right in front and below the castle!  Great view.  I would highly recommend getting to the show early to try to get the best seats possible.

We were really happy that each kid had their own spot.  Though you technically can hold a child under 3 on your lap, we both said we couldn't imagine trying to eat and enjoy the show while holding the girls (Isla was also still under 3 at the show).  Any future show we attend, I'll definitely spend the extra money for a ticket for Maisy.  It's worth it because any leftover food can be packed up and taken home.

The food was great!  Jeff and I were both stuffed.  The kids really only ate the bread, a little soup, and a little potato.  Maisy tried the chicken as well.  They are super picky so I wasn't surprised... that and I think they were a bit distracted by everything going on in front of them.  We just packed their food up and took it with us.  

The show was really fantastic!  I was surprised at how skilled the riders were and was impressed by the jousting.  Our Green Knight made it to the "finals" but did not win overall.  Boo.  HOWEVER, he did win in Isla's book as he stopped right in front of us to hand her a red flower.  Her Knight (see what I did there?) was totally made.  She insisted that we put her flower in water when we got home.

Look at me enjoying my tasty and historically accurate beverage- a pina colada!  ;)

Overall we had an awesome time!  I bought our group photo to mark the occasion.  I'm so glad we got to experience such a cool dinner show all together as a family.  Dominic is already asking when we can go again!  I'd like to thank Medieval Times- Baltimore/DC for hosting my family and showing us such a great time!

You can visit Medieval Times online to find a Castle near you and purchase tickets for your family.  Be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest promotions and events.

*Disclosure- our family was provided admission to Medieval Times- Baltimore/DC.  Extras including photo and alcoholic beverages were purchased by us.  All opinions are honest and my own.*

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